Victoria's Bequest

Submitter: David A. Spitzley
Description: The British Empire lies in ruins, and has taken the rest of the world with it. At the end of the Victorian Age, revolts aided by indigenous shamans and priests threatened British domination of her colonies. Soon the Empire was being aided by the secretive occult practices of the Theosophists and the Golden Dawn, plunging the world into a magical war of a scope unknown in human history. Unfortunately, the powers called forth by both sides exceeded humanity's ability to control. A magical backlash swept across the world, destroying most of the world's population. The player characters are among the "lucky" survivors of this global arcane cataclysm. With the world in ruins, the characters have little choice but to look for other survivors, hopefully creating a new society from the rubble of London, hopefully finding an occasional friend or relative amidst the wreckage. The characters may also attempt to master the powers which lead to man's downfall, possibly using them to in some way undo the damage done by the war.

Cultural Organization

For whatever reason, there is no significant social interaction. "I am the only survivor I've found in the ruins of New York"

Social Conditions

The society has just gone through a sudden destructive shock. Ex: The Great Depression, Russia after Cold War

Tech Level

Mass production, steam power, telegraph, railroad, zeppelin, ironclad warships, dynamite, repeating handgun, direct current electricity, germ theory of disease, anesthetics, vaccines
Industrial Revolution (TL 5)

Narrative Emphasis

Dealing with personal connections and responsibilities
Friends & Family

Reality Style

Imperfect characters in an imperfect world


Cinematic Martial Arts


Magic which is poorly understood, partially incomprehensible, and/or powered by unknown forces. Call of Cthulhu captures this idea nicely.
Structure: Mysterious

Magic which is risky or taxing to the practitioner. Shadowrun and Mage both provide examples.
Character: Dangerous

Magical energy and/or effects can occur naturally. Tass, magical weather, and sites of power all fall under this category.
Spice: Free Magic

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