Nations of Thuban

Submitter: Demi
Description: Fifty years ago, a new regime came to power on the capitol world of Omokane - conservative politicians pulled support for the last regime's extensive colonialization efforts. Without the steady managed growth, most new colonies have undergone catastrophic economic and technological collapse. The frontier world of Thuban has fared better than some - autonomous economic regions grew into national states, and Thuban's planetary conditions permit relatively cheap production of some important psionic-inducing and amplifying drugs. Psi-drug production assures Thuban of at least a little continued trade with the rich core worlds. In the last generation, the political climate of Thuban has worsened as many nations vie to become the major supplier of psi-drugs to the stellar corporations. Along with political back-stabbing, espionage, and sabotage of psi-drug farms and factories, some nations have turned to open warfare to conquer their enemies and take the all-important farmland. Thuban's population consists of a hodge-podge of plain humans and several modified sub-species - all nations are of mixed species, although which mix and what percentages can vary.

Cultural Organization

Society composed of politically autonomous geographical regions ranging in size from cities to continents or entire planets. "I am a citizen of Great Britain"

Social Conditions

The society has just gone through a sudden destructive shock. Ex: The Great Depression, Russia after Cold War

Tech Level

Gunpowder, printing press, fully-rigged ships, hot air balloons, black-powder musket, cannon, sailing warship
Renaissance/Colonial (TL 4)

Faster-than-light star travel, sentient computers, mature genetic engineering, nanotechology, longevity, particle-beam blaster, cold fusion, panimmunity, brain-tapes, complex implants, suspended animation, automedic; similar to Babylon 5 or Star Trek's Enterprise era
Coexisting with: Starfaring (TL 9)

Tech Modifiers

Permanent alternation of the human body is important; this can mean cybernetics, biological upgrades, chemical enhancement, etc.
Human Augmentation

Narrative Emphasis

Following orders, fighting the enemy, leadership, honor, valor

Reality Style

Larger-than-life characters facing epic challenges



Psionics are an outgrowth of the processes of life, and variables such as species, emotions and states of consciousness can affect psychic powers.
Structure: Bio-Psionics

Psionics can only be induced artificially through surgery, drugs, etc.
Development: Artificial

All people are psychic, though only a few are powerful enough to use it consciously or to great effect. Psychics may seem strange to most people, and high-powered attacks may affect bystanders.
Along With: Universal

Technology to boost or mimic psionics is available.
Spice: Psychotronics

Sentient Life

Intelligent human-like beings: Elves, Vulcans, etc.
Non-Human Races

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