Political Intrigue in a MagiTech Empire

Submitter: Demi
Description: The Emperor (and hereditary Supreme Sorcerer) has been assassinated by unknown members of the Nobility. The entire imperial family was killed at the same time; there are no obvious heirs and no noble is willing to step forward in case the assassinations continue. The whole solar system is in chaos as the Royal Sorentine Guards enforce marital law and hunt for traitors. Rumors abound that the nobility was not behind the killings; some rumors say General Yua orchestrated the murders and martial law in a devious coup; some believe that the ubiquitous magically created Artificial Minds have gotten too smart and want their freedom; wilder speculation blames desperate anarchists. Whoever's to blame, someone has to stave off the chaos, protect your lord's lands, deal with refugees, and act as diplomats to neighboring lands.... and you've been picked to be that someone.

Cultural Organization

Society organized along the lines of hereditary social roles. "I am of the Warrior class"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a complete overthrow of existing structures. Ex.: French Revolution, Chinese Cultural Revolution

Tech Level

Faster-than-light star travel, sentient computers, mature genetic engineering, nanotechology, longevity, particle-beam blaster, cold fusion, panimmunity, brain-tapes, complex implants, suspended animation, automedic; similar to Babylon 5 or Star Trek's Enterprise era
Starfaring (TL 9)

Tech Modifiers

Some form of man-made sentience exists.
Artificial Intelligence

Narrative Emphasis

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building

Reality Style

Larger-than-life characters facing epic challenges



Magic dependent upon particular knowledge of an enormous number of topics, which may themselves be infinitely divisible. Practitioners will tend to specialize, and there are few universal principles. FUDGE uses this type of system.
Structure: Scholarly

Creation of permanent magical devices.
Spice: Enchanting

Creation of potions and other single-use magic items.
And: Alchemy

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