Gods and Farmers, Vice and Heroes

Submitter: Demi
Description: As the saying goes, "Gods and farmers in the country, vice and heroes in the city." But in these recent times of growth, the influences of industry have been creeping further into the countryside and the Gods are very displeased. "Where the Gods lead, the peasants will follow." and the country folk have threatened to withhold shipments food unless the cities restrict their growth. Not to be held hostage by uneducated bumpkins, the urban engineers and thaumaturgists have discovered a way to make food without farms or divine intervention. Tensions are high on both sides, but cooler heads are proposing to build an experimental town in the wilderness - a more blended society will be established. The leaders hope that this will let both sides find common cause and avert violence in the homeland. Overseers will send back reports of progress, but with so much riding on the outcome, many believe that news of set-backs and failure may be censored. Fortune-hunters of all kinds are flocking to this frontier region, whether to stake out new land, set up shop, try out new technologies, report the truth, keep the peace, or simply start a new life. One should also be mindful of those who want to sabotage the project, and of course scoundrels and peddlers of vice seem to spring up in every town.

Cultural Organization

Society organized into medium to large groups of geographically anchored people, predominantly farmers. "I am a farmer in the Nile Valley"

Social Conditions

The society believes itself to be in a Boom, but it isn't sustainable or stable. Ex: 1920s, mid-1980s

The society is in the midst of a major dispute over ideas or institutions. Ex: American Civil Rights movement, Chinese Pro-democracy movement
Subculture: Social Upheaval

The power structures which govern the core society have reduced influence in the primary region of the setting.
Modified: Frontier

Tech Level

Cars, airplanes, radio, ocean liners, submarines, battleships, tanks, machine-guns, fighter aircraft, fission bomb, flak jacket, hydroelectric power, alternating current electricity, major surgery, antibiotics
World War I / II (TL 6)

Narrative Emphasis

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building

Reality Style

Heroic characters in a high-action world



Magic dependent upon particular knowledge of an enormous number of topics, which may themselves be infinitely divisible. Practitioners will tend to specialize, and there are few universal principles. FUDGE uses this type of system.
Structure: Scholarly

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2007-12-17 17:00:00
An intriguing world...