Cosmic Mind Wars

Submitter: Matt Quirk
Description: Centuries ago, the Great Families of the Interstellar Conglomerate developed a serum which granted incredible mental powers, but at a terrible cost. The serum gave the user the sensation of being 'plugged in to the universe' and was psychologically addictive. The more serum used, the more powerful the psychic became... The carefully guarded secret behind the serum was that it was distilled from the brain fluids of a single group of people - A group of people who through both genetics and training had harnessed arcane arts. People with this genetic predisposition were secretly rounded up and for the past hundred years they have been bred like cattle, slaughtered before they fully developed their powers, and used to fuel the super psychics that help the Great Families maintain their control. Only a few of these mages are still free. They and their allies (i.e. the Player Characters) are working behind the scenes to expose the horrors which lie behind the gleaming facade of the Interstellar Conglomerate.

Cultural Organization

Biologically driven social structures, etc. "I am a citizen of the Northeastern Regurgitation Cycle"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a major dispute over ideas or institutions. Ex: American Civil Rights movement, Chinese Pro-democracy movement
Social Upheaval

Tech Level

Contragravity, gravity compensators, personal force screens, flight belts, full panimmunity, regeneration, radical genetic transformation of living creatures
Intergalactic (TL 12)

Narrative Emphasis

Secrets, infiltration, covert manipulation of others

Reality Style

Imperfect characters in an imperfect world



Psionics are an outgrowth of the structure of the universe, and transcend the human form. Psychic powers tend to be affected by energetic phenomenon, spacetime warps, etc.
Structure: Cosmological

Psionics can only be induced artificially through surgery, drugs, etc.
Development: Artificial

Psychic powers can become extremely powerful very quickly.
Along With: Mega Psi

Certain substances enhance psychic powers or are psychically sensitive or active. This can range from drugs to telekinetically malleable minerals.
Spice: Catalyst Substances


Magic which can be used to produce new effects improvizatinally. Mage and Ars Magica both have this sort of system.
Structure: Flexible

Mages, or at least powerful mages, are born, not made.
Spice: Inborn Talent

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