Submitter: Anonymous
Description: On this variant Earth humanity, and to a lesser extent the more intelligent mammals, all have psionic power. Training, stong emotions, and certain mechanisms can all enhance these abilities into a surge of power. Such surges are very taxing on indivuduals however. Societies have evolved a strict hierarchy of responsibilities based on psionic strength. Most telekinetics for example serve as part of military forces. The most powerful, when the surge, can level castles. Some animals also exhibit psionic powers. Chimps for example sometimes exhibit teleportation abilities when frightened. When provoked elephants have been known to unleash powerful mental blasts.

Cultural Organization

Society knitted together by hierarchical social obligations. Ex: Middle ages Europe, pre-European Japan. "I am a serf of Lord Feigen"

Society organized into medium to large groups of geographically anchored people, predominantly farmers. "I am a farmer in the Nile Valley"
Coexists with: Agrarian

Social Conditions

The society is and recognizes itself to be at a sustained peak of wealth and ability. Ex: Athenian Democracy, Great Britain in the mid-1800s
Golden Age

Tech Level

Gunpowder, printing press, fully-rigged ships, hot air balloons, black-powder musket, cannon, sailing warship
Renaissance/Colonial (TL 4)

Tech Modifiers

Devices can be built with abilities far beyond that achievable by prevailing technology.
Weird Science / Gadgetry

Narrative Emphasis

Secrets, infiltration, covert manipulation of others

Reality Style

Nutty characters in absurd circumstances

Sin-tainted characters in a decadent and decaying world
and: Gothic



Psionics are an outgrowth of the processes of life, and variables such as species, emotions and states of consciousness can affect psychic powers.
Structure: Bio-Psionics

Psychic powers can become extremely powerful very quickly.
Development: Mega Psi

Technology to boost or mimic psionics is available.
Spice: Psychotronics


Creatures with powers or abilities beyond those of typical animals; Unicorns, Tribbles, etc.
Supernatural Creatures

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