Conflict in Grantanor

Submitter: Sgt. Schultz
Description: The land of Grantanor was once a prosperous, advanced democracy. However when a meteorite destroyed the capital the government collapsed, technology was knocked back by thousands of years. Where guns and missiles were the weapons of choice, they were replaced with swords and arrow. It was every man for himself. Now a century later, civilisation is on the rise again. But rather than one Democracy there are two major kingdoms: the Royal Imperium and the Plutocratic Brotherhood. Both are equal in size and military strength, and both are vying for control of the land. Inevitably they will come into conflict. One small group of people have the key to upsetting the balance of power: The descendants of scientists and engineers who survived the Apocolypse who have been taught to recreate and repair some of the 'ancient' technology left behind. With both the Imperium and the Brotherhood gearing for war who will this band of geniuses side with? Who will rule the world? Only time will tell…

Cultural Organization

Society organized into medium to large groups of geographically anchored people, predominantly farmers. "I am a farmer in the Nile Valley"

Society driven by the ongoing interactions of innumerable overlapping factions and cultural powerbases. "I am a Gay Communist Gun Nut"
Coexists with: Pluralist

Social Conditions

The society is living in the ashes of collapse of a previous civilization. Ex: European Dark Ages, South American Indians

Tech Level

Keystone arch, saddles, ocean-going galleys, iron swords, shields, scale armor, windmill, chemical medicines
Iron Age (TL 2)

Slower-than-light space travel, fusion power, implants, orbital tower, ballistic airliner, cybertank, bioweapons, reflec, Gauss needlers, fission/electric power, orbital-collected solar power, cloning, simple implants, bionics, plastiskin; late-1990s to "the near future"
Coexisting with: Spacefaring (TL 8)

Narrative Emphasis

Following orders, fighting the enemy, leadership, honor, valor

Reality Style

Heroic characters in a high-action world


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Comment Threads
Nice work
David A. Spitzley
2005-03-03 13:16:37
Strikes me as vaguely Horseclans-y, without the telepathy, immortals, and Greek stuff. I could definitley see this working well; I would think either a magic-free D&D or GURPS would be viable system choices.
The Gremlin
2007-12-18 17:13:59
I agree. This is an excellent world, and I can definitely foresee it used in one of my games.