Post-Goth Gothic

Submitter: David A. Spitzley
Description: The Roman Empire was but a memory, the waves of barbarians had done their damage, and society was settling in for a long decay. And then came a man named Charlemagne. A great warrior and a great king, none had seen his like since the time of Alexander the Great. Until, of course, the others appeared to follow in Charlemagne's footsteps. Over three generations, men and women of unprecedented capacities have arisen throught Europe, each posessed of might, will or faith beyond the imaginings of any but the storytellers. They are now known as the Great Ones. Some work to spread the word of the Church, some fight to reclaim lost kingdoms, and some work to better the lot of the peasantry, but far too often they merely use their powers to satisfy their own desires. The PCs are young Great Ones, who are now faced with the choice of how to use the capacities God has granted them: whether to fight to reweave the remnants of the Roman Empire, or to feed their desires on its bones.

Cultural Organization

Large numbers of small homogenous groups. "I am a member of the Short Red tribe"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a period of dramatic growth and material progress. Ex: 1920s, 1960s

The society is living in the ashes of collapse of a previous civilization. Ex: European Dark Ages, South American Indians
Subculture: Post-Apocalypse

Tech Level

Keystone arch, saddles, ocean-going galleys, iron swords, shields, scale armor, windmill, chemical medicines
Iron Age (TL 2)

Narrative Emphasis

Following orders, fighting the enemy, leadership, honor, valor

Reality Style

Sin-tainted characters in a decadent and decaying world


Super Powers

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