Pandora's box

Submitter: kpram
Description: No one was prepared for the mind-shattering horror of what was found in the asteroid belt. The plagues that resulted were actually intelligent energy patterns that devastated the planet. Billions died. Those that remained were 'changed.' Stronger, faster, with an unquenchable optimisim in the face of the future, and in the rebuilding of their race.

Cultural Organization

For whatever reason, there is no significant social interaction. "I am the only survivor I've found in the ruins of New York"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a period of dramatic growth and material progress. Ex: 1920s, 1960s

The power structures which govern the core society have reduced influence in the primary region of the setting.
Modified: Frontier

Tech Level

Slower-than-light space travel, fusion power, implants, orbital tower, ballistic airliner, cybertank, bioweapons, reflec, Gauss needlers, fission/electric power, orbital-collected solar power, cloning, simple implants, bionics, plastiskin; late-1990s to "the near future"
Spacefaring (TL 8)

Narrative Emphasis

Travel, Do-gooding, searching for wealth and excitement

Reality Style

Larger-than-life characters facing epic challenges



Creatures of vast power with no regard for the existence of humanity; Cthulhu & Co., the Qlippoth
Eldritch Horrors

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