The Messenger of Fire

Submitter: Magicwill
Description: Og was banging some sticks and then made fire! He has to show his new discovery to the world. But he has powerful enemies, such as Lord Gug who has a axe made from OBSIDIAN!!! In his quest Og will have to battle through legions of Lord Gug's cavemen and defeat powerful monsters to bring fire to every corner of the earth.

Cultural Organization

Large numbers of small homogenous groups. "I am a member of the Short Red tribe"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a dramatic flowering of new ideas and institutions. Ex: 16th century Italy, Weimar Germany

Tech Level

(TL 0) - Fire, lever, language, canoes, sledges, stone weapons
Stone Age (TL 0)

Narrative Emphasis

Exotic locations, foreign peoples, strange creatures, unknown histories

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building
and: Politics

Reality Style

Larger-than-life characters facing epic challenges


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