The Shadow Under London

Submitter: John Olson
Description: In the old days, there were Kings and Queens, Parliaments and Presidents. That's all gone now. Ever since they destroyed themselves and/or each other in the Final War, pitting giant armored airships against walking, steam-powered war machines, the Trusts have controlled the world. Not that this is entirely bad; some of them are slave-drivers, while others take good care of their workers. And the ones that don't, tend not to be able to hire as many when word gets around. Still, even in the most benevolent of the Companies, there is a great deal of distance. Which makes it hard to get attention when something starts killing people, when strange cults enslave the young, when ghosts walk and things slither through the steam tunnels. Requests for help can take weeks to process, so you have to rely upon your friends and family to survive. Because there is another layer of reality beneath this one, and at night, the barriers between them can grow thin. The familiar streets of London or New York can twist and change into those of alien cities such as Carcosa or Ultima Thule, and who knows what might walk from there to here? In this TL 5+1 game, the characters are lower to middle class employees in a steampunk 20th Century world of fat, complacent corporations, trying to deal with what happens when the underpinnings of reality as they know it begin to break away.

Cultural Organization

Society driven by the interactions of a small collection of mutually exclusive but geographically unbounded power structures. "I'm a worker of the Arasaka corporation"

Social Conditions

The society is undergoing no notable changes at the moment. Ex.: You've got me…

The society is living in the ashes of collapse of a previous civilization. Ex: European Dark Ages, South American Indians
Subculture: Post-Apocalypse

Tech Level

Cars, airplanes, radio, ocean liners, submarines, battleships, tanks, machine-guns, fighter aircraft, fission bomb, flak jacket, hydroelectric power, alternating current electricity, major surgery, antibiotics
World War I / II (TL 6)

Tech Modifiers

Technology in this world has followed an alternate path, such as the mega-Vacuum Tube tech in GURPS Lensman.
Alternative Technological Base

Narrative Emphasis

Dealing with personal connections and responsibilities
Friends & Family

Reality Style

Doomed characters in terrifying circumstances


Creative Metaphysics

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2002-08-05 15:41:19
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