Waking Mother

Submitter: Rp Bowman
Description: After aeons of searching and disapointment, humanity has finally rediscovered its planet of origin. Unlike the glorious "cradle of all life" depicted in countless legends, Earth is little more than a depleted mudball, the sad cosmic equivalent of the abandoned lot you'd find next to a really obscure intergalactic truck stop. But humanity is not the same, either. Finding no other forms of life in the galaxy, humans have lost all connection to their original form in adapting to many, many different environments. Roving "authorities" of genetically-similiar cultures make their way across the stars, from terraformed world to terraformed world. Once they lived in relative peace, but the hapless discovery of the Great Homeworld has already begun to stir up trouble.

Cultural Organization

Large numbers of small homogenous groups. "I am a member of the Short Red tribe"

Social Conditions

The society has lost all capacity to innovate or adapt. Ex: Late Roman Empire, Late Imperial China

Society is located within a vast region which is too large to monitor entirely. This category could include undersea or virtual environments.
Modified: Space

Tech Level

Force screens, tractor beams, fast FTL radio, "living machines", genetic alteration of adult minds, sensa-skin; similar to David Brin's Uplift series, or alternatively, the Transmetropolitan comic series
Galactic (TL 11)

Tech Modifiers

Permanent alternation of the human body is important; this can mean cybernetics, biological upgrades, chemical enhancement, etc.
Human Augmentation

Narrative Emphasis

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building

Reality Style

Imperfect characters in an imperfect world


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Oh no! I should've spell-checked this!
Rp Bowman
2006-03-19 20:45:34
Either that or should have laid off words like "disappointment."
Sorry to anyone who reads this!