High Crusade!

Submitter: Cambias
Description: It's the year 1270, with one small difference. The Elder Things of Antarctica have decided to clear the Solar System of hostile Eldritch Horrors. Naturally, they can't do the job themselves, so they've enlisted the aid of some of the evolved monkey-creatures of Earth's land surface. A group called the Knights of the Temple. The Templars now have a launch facility in Prester John's kingdom of Ethiopia, and bold knights venture forth to Venus, Mars, and Yuggoth to pit faith and steel against magic and madness!

Cultural Organization

Society driven by the ongoing interactions of innumerable overlapping factions and cultural powerbases. "I am a Gay Communist Gun Nut"

Social Conditions

The society has recently metamorphosized from a previous Cultural structure. Ex: Post-Colonial nations, post-Apartheid South Africa, Post-Franco Spain

Tech Level

Steel weapons, mathematics with zero, stirrups, sailing ships, crossbow, plate and chainmail, castles, horse with horse-collar for power, amputations, crude prosthetics
Medieval (TL 3)

Nuclear power, computers, lasers, rockets, mag-lev monorail, hovercraft, kevlar, fission and hot fusion, solar power, organ transplants
With one specific
technology at:
1950-1990 (TL 7)

Narrative Emphasis

Travel, Do-gooding, searching for wealth and excitement

Reality Style

Heroic characters in a high-action world



Creatures of vast power with no regard for the existence of humanity; Cthulhu & Co., the Qlippoth
Eldritch Horrors

Super Powers

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