Faith, Factories, and the Fallen

Submitter: D. Stomper
Description: When a devastating global conflict pushed industrial civilization to the brink, the common people prayed to the Heavens to be spared. And they were. Very, very blatantly. Now the great nation-states have collapsed, but the people survive, sustained by the now openly active divinities of the world. Cooperation between the tribal "congregations" keeps a respectable infrastructure viable; while some technology was lost, thanks to the horrors of the War, nobody really misses it. Now the Congregations send traders, ambassadors, and missionaries--often all the same people--to keep their people prosperous and spread their faiths. But there are dark forces stirring as well...and now those men and women must face those forces, armed with divine favor--and a fair amount of firepower--to prevent the Fallen from finishing what they started a generation before...

Cultural Organization

Large numbers of small homogenous groups. "I am a member of the Short Red tribe"

Society organized along the lines of hereditary social roles. "I am of the Warrior class"
Coexists with: Castes

Social Conditions

The society is reestablishing collapsed social structures and rediscovering lost knowledge. Ex: High Middle Ages, post-WWII Europe

Tech Level

Cars, airplanes, radio, ocean liners, submarines, battleships, tanks, machine-guns, fighter aircraft, fission bomb, flak jacket, hydroelectric power, alternating current electricity, major surgery, antibiotics
World War I / II (TL 6)

Narrative Emphasis

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building

Reality Style

Heroic characters in a high-action world


Miraculous Religion

There are many gods
Structure: Polytheism

The faithful or the fully ordained may make direct contact with "the gods" through prayer and ritual.
Spice: Direct Communion

Specific servants of "the gods" may be entreated in connection with their personal spheres of influence.
And: Saints

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