The new Dark ages

Submitter: Aljovin
Description: In the future, society has changed, the governements as we know then have disapeared, new advancement in genetics and robotics helped the disabled, but soon, the technology was used to get an advantage on the poorer of society. Soon, mistakes were made, some people reacted to the genetic changes and new races emerged, those who controlled the space travel controlled the economy. Then came the Xorns, no one knows exactly where they are from, they could be early mutated humans or aliens. Xorns have perfected the cloning process to a point where they can produce new armies at will. Will your adventurer survive in these dangerous times? Will you make a fortune or die in battle? Many challenges awaits the brave and the bold. But only the prepared will survive!

Cultural Organization

Society knitted together by hierarchical social obligations. Ex: Middle ages Europe, pre-European Japan. "I am a serf of Lord Feigen"

Social Conditions

The society is living in the ashes of collapse of a previous civilization. Ex: European Dark Ages, South American Indians

Tech Level

Antimatter power, artificial gravity, slow FTL radio, nerve pistol, superheavy combat armor, disruption beam, genericillin, genetic engineering of complex mental traits, creation of new species from scratch
Interstellar (TL 10)

Narrative Emphasis

Travel, Do-gooding, searching for wealth and excitement

Reality Style

Heroic characters in a high-action world


Cinematic Martial Arts

Super Powers

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