Submitter: Ecco Tyler
Description: A brutal galactic war has come to an end and society is in the process of rebuilding itself. Unfortunately, democracy lost the war and most of the universe is controlled by powerful corporations and rich tycoons. As a result, people who speak out against this new government are usually executed swiftly on public media for all to see or shoved away in gulags designed to hold political prisoners. The companies tend to control every aspect of people's lives from what they're allowed to say or do to the religion they participate in. Speaking of which, there is a belief that there is only one god and people who believe or say otherwise are usually branded as heretics and hunted down by inquisitions. Due to the fact that most of the controlling companies make and design complex technology beyond what many people have ever seen, the technological level of Alkonia is very high, so high, in fact. that some corporate executives consider themselves to be gods, despite the fact the monothestic outlook on religion. But they believe that if you control everything, you can say or do whatever you want. Some of the more faithful people claim to have seen gods in visions or talked to angels or devils, but are usually dismissed by the corporations as crazy and locked up in mental hospitals. On other occasions, such people sell their story to questional tabloids such as the "Galactic Inquirer" and "Supernatural Stories". Others who have never seen such visions take the existance of such things as the fox creatures known as kitsune to be proof of some higher power. Psychic powers are an important part of life, and many people have them. Such powers range from things as simple as predicting lottery numbers to making things explode with your mind. On a daily basis, heroic rebels fight to free the people the corporations or work freelance to steal secrets and technology from them, but at the end of the day, they're still only human.

Cultural Organization

Society driven by the interactions of a small collection of mutually exclusive but geographically unbounded power structures. "I'm a worker of the Arasaka corporation"

Social Conditions

The society is reestablishing collapsed social structures and rediscovering lost knowledge. Ex: High Middle Ages, post-WWII Europe

The society is in the midst of a period of restriction on thought or behavior. Ex: Victorian Era, the Red Scare
Subculture: Constriction

Tech Level

Antimatter power, artificial gravity, slow FTL radio, nerve pistol, superheavy combat armor, disruption beam, genericillin, genetic engineering of complex mental traits, creation of new species from scratch
Interstellar (TL 10)

Narrative Emphasis

Secrets, infiltration, covert manipulation of others

Reality Style

Heroic characters in a high-action world

Imperfect characters in an imperfect world
and: Realistic


Miraculous Religion

There is only one god
Structure: Monotheism

"The gods" may appear to the faithful in visions or through symbolic manifestations
Spice: Visitations

Angels, devils, and other supernatural servants of "the gods" may make appearances on occasion
And: Divine Servants


Psionics are an outgrowth of the processes of life, and variables such as species, emotions and states of consciousness can affect psychic powers.
Structure: Bio-Psionics

Psychic powers can become extremely powerful very quickly.
Development: Mega Psi

Psychic powers can enhance or alter each other's effects. This can range from telepathic gestalts to direct contests of telekinetic force.
Spice: Interactive Psi


Creatures with powers or abilities beyond those of typical animals; Unicorns, Tribbles, etc.
Supernatural Creatures

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