Submitter: Brenden Gibbons
Description: Imagine it. A world where spirits exist, and magic correlates with the spirits existing. Ages ago, the Spirits were found. Spirits, ones who has so much power over anything and everything, were unlocked and unleashed upon the world as avatars of different things. As the spirits came, magic cried havoc upon the world, everyone wished to hold reign this new power. And all this, happening when science was truly booming, electricity, vaccines. Science and magic had to coexist with each other. But few can truly grasp magic, while more can grasp science. Others aren't educated enough to grasp either, and worships the spirits for hope of help. But something is happening. There has been news of Magic users wreaking havoc, and Scientists wreaking havoc back. The Spirits are easily swayed, and the Shamans, those who talk and walk with the spirits was pulled into the frey. The world is destroying itself. The Mages with rituals and magics, The Scientists with repeating handguns and explosives, The Shamans with the powers of the spirits themselves, and then there's the ones who have nothing but themselves. The huge war between the three castes are dangerous. No country wishes to be a part of it. But sooner or later, they'll be sucked in. Behind all this... The Bloodmachines, a shaman, a mage and a scientist works together to combine their powers to do one thing. Take over the world. Can the PC convince the rulers to help them stop the little known Bloodmachines? what if they find out that the Bloodmachines are each in high positions, and are deep rooted within the politics? What if they're forced to go underhanded, use subterfuge, fight the creations and combinations of magic, spirit and science? What can you do?

Cultural Organization

Society organized along the lines of hereditary social roles. "I am of the Warrior class"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a major dispute over ideas or institutions. Ex: American Civil Rights movement, Chinese Pro-democracy movement
Social Upheaval

The society has recently metamorphosized from a previous Cultural structure. Ex: Post-Colonial nations, post-Apartheid South Africa, Post-Franco Spain
Subculture: Emergent

Tech Level

Mass production, steam power, telegraph, railroad, zeppelin, ironclad warships, dynamite, repeating handgun, direct current electricity, germ theory of disease, anesthetics, vaccines
Industrial Revolution (TL 5)

Narrative Emphasis

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building

Reality Style

Doomed characters in terrifying circumstances



Magic which is composed of a massive body of mostly unrelated spells and rituals. D&D and basic GURPS magic are typical of this style.
Structure: Atomic

Lengthy magical procedures with dramatically powerful effects.
Spice: Ritual

Magical energy and/or effects can occur naturally. Tass, magical weather, and sites of power all fall under this category.
And: Free Magic

Miraculous Religion

Spirits reside in all living things, and they may be entreated for assistance.
Structure: Animism

Physical embodiments of "the gods" walk the mortal world
Spice: Avatars

Certain creatures or materials are of importance to "the gods", and carry their blessings/curses.
And: Holy Animals/Materials

Comment Threads
Amazing setting
The Gremlin
2007-12-04 15:08:11
This is an excellent idea. Despite the fact that I prefer renesscience and medieval, i would love to play in this world. It is one of the best i have ever seen yet.