Apocalypse 1900

Submitter: Seraphim
Description: The year is 1900. The beginning of a new and glorious century. The end of the world. Three years ago, the first hints of what was to come arrived in the form of the Raised, the Highest. Beings of great power, the Raised were a cut above ordinary humanity. People of all classes were transforming, changing into super-human capable of shaking the very foundations of the world. And so they did. In 1889, the War to end all wars began. The vast class divide was bridged as the the poor rose up, challenging the traditional ways of the world, lead by Raised generals and warriors. The rich hired mercenary armies and sent their own raised against these upstarts. And every empire in the world was plunged into chaos. Every nation was forced to contend with war from the outside and rebellion from within. The world was crumbling. And then it was over. At the turn of the new century, nearly one hundred thousand Raised spontaneously turned into psychic bombs, wiping out nearly all sentient life on earth. The survivors are now attempting to eke out a new existence in a war-torn and lifeless world. The few survivors now

Cultural Organization

For whatever reason, there is no significant social interaction. "I am the only survivor I've found in the ruins of New York"

Social Conditions

The society has just gone through a sudden destructive shock. Ex: The Great Depression, Russia after Cold War

Tech Level

Mass production, steam power, telegraph, railroad, zeppelin, ironclad warships, dynamite, repeating handgun, direct current electricity, germ theory of disease, anesthetics, vaccines
Industrial Revolution (TL 5)

Narrative Emphasis

Travel, Do-gooding, searching for wealth and excitement

Reality Style

Emotional characters dealing with joyful events and personal tragedies


Sentient Life

Intelligent human-like beings: Elves, Vulcans, etc.
Non-Human Races

Super Powers

Comment Threads
Excellent setting
The Gremlin
2007-12-04 13:56:07

This is a very good setting. While normally I stick away from modern role playing, this is so good (good ol' horror!)that I might consider using it somewhere!