Djinns and Guns

Submitter: Fabien Lyraud
Description: Imagine a cross over between the wild west and the arabian nights. A world with cow boys, trains, gunslingers and also sultans in luxurious palace, harem, flying carpet, djinn, efreet, Ghouls and others creatures. Merchant caravans travel the world and for making business struggles against thousands of periles. Steamers travel across an ocean populated by sea sepents, and stops in fabulous ports to buy spices. A world of mythic adventures with tiger men, blue humanoids and other strange races wandering in the desert. A world with a savage fauna. A dangerous world.

Cultural Organization

Society driven by the ongoing interactions of innumerable overlapping factions and cultural powerbases. "I am a Gay Communist Gun Nut"

Social Conditions

The society is and recognizes itself to be at a sustained peak of wealth and ability. Ex: Athenian Democracy, Great Britain in the mid-1800s
Golden Age

Tech Level

Mass production, steam power, telegraph, railroad, zeppelin, ironclad warships, dynamite, repeating handgun, direct current electricity, germ theory of disease, anesthetics, vaccines
Industrial Revolution (TL 5)

Narrative Emphasis

Turning a fast buck, trade, administration

Reality Style

Larger-than-life characters facing epic challenges


Sentient Life

Intelligent human-like beings: Elves, Vulcans, etc.
Non-Human Races

Comment Threads
Sounds cool!
2004-04-03 11:17:58
Yeah, now thats mix of it all! I love it! Keep up the good work!