The Ravenlands

Submitter: The Gremlin
Description: The Ravenlands are fraught with strife. Hundreds of wars have been waged over small things. Thousands of wars are yet to come. In the middle of the conflicts dwell the Ravens. The Ravens are causing the war. They feed on pain and suffering, and so they must have war. It is not their fault, and they wish to be free of the curse. They did not ask for it, after all. But they have it, and unless the heroes can find the knife Ravenfreer, the Ravens are doomed to death at mankind's own hands. And with the Ravens gone, the balance will be destroyed, and the wars can never end.

Cultural Organization

Society composed of politically autonomous geographical regions ranging in size from cities to continents or entire planets. "I am a citizen of Great Britain"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a complete overthrow of existing structures. Ex.: French Revolution, Chinese Cultural Revolution

Tech Level

Steel weapons, mathematics with zero, stirrups, sailing ships, crossbow, plate and chainmail, castles, horse with horse-collar for power, amputations, crude prosthetics
Medieval (TL 3)

Narrative Emphasis

Following orders, fighting the enemy, leadership, honor, valor

Reality Style

Doomed characters in terrifying circumstances



Magic which is poorly understood, partially incomprehensible, and/or powered by unknown forces. Call of Cthulhu captures this idea nicely.
Structure: Mysterious

Magic which tends to have wide ranging and somewhat unpredictable side effects. Core Earth magic in Torg is a good example of this.
Character: Wild

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