3000 CE

Submitter: Anne-Marie
Description: In a world which humanity just emerged from a mass exodus lasting 1,000 years, refugees from different eras collide on a new home world. Our heroes and heroins are faced with the task of uniting what was one a great race.

Cultural Organization

Biologically driven social structures, etc. "I am a citizen of the Northeastern Regurgitation Cycle"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a complete overthrow of existing structures. Ex.: French Revolution, Chinese Cultural Revolution

Tech Level

Antimatter power, artificial gravity, slow FTL radio, nerve pistol, superheavy combat armor, disruption beam, genericillin, genetic engineering of complex mental traits, creation of new species from scratch
Interstellar (TL 10)

Contragravity, gravity compensators, personal force screens, flight belts, full panimmunity, regeneration, radical genetic transformation of living creatures
Coexisting with: Intergalactic (TL 12)

Slower-than-light space travel, fusion power, implants, orbital tower, ballistic airliner, cybertank, bioweapons, reflec, Gauss needlers, fission/electric power, orbital-collected solar power, cloning, simple implants, bionics, plastiskin; late-1990s to "the near future"
With one specific
technology at:
Spacefaring (TL 8)

Tech Modifiers

Permanent alternation of the human body is important; this can mean cybernetics, biological upgrades, chemical enhancement, etc.
Human Augmentation

Narrative Emphasis

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building

Reality Style

Larger-than-life characters facing epic challenges



Psionics are an outgrowth of the Collective Unconscious or other "meta-mind"
Structure: Mass Mind

All people are psychic, but special training is required to make use of the ability. Psionics will tend to be restricted to powerful groups with resources for training.
Development: Trainable

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