Gorge of the Spirits

Submitter: Izumi Kurosawa
Description: Once a land of peace and unity turned into a dying land full of treachery. A great battle was once held here; the building crumbling and the people scavenging for whatever is still left. The massive lake that once was of clean water is now tainted with the ashes of battles from long ago.

Cultural Organization

Society knitted together by hierarchical social obligations. Ex: Middle ages Europe, pre-European Japan. "I am a serf of Lord Feigen"

Social Conditions

The society is living in the ashes of collapse of a previous civilization. Ex: European Dark Ages, South American Indians

Tech Level

Contragravity, gravity compensators, personal force screens, flight belts, full panimmunity, regeneration, radical genetic transformation of living creatures
Intergalactic (TL 12)

Narrative Emphasis

Secrets, infiltration, covert manipulation of others

Reality Style

Sin-tainted characters in a decadent and decaying world

Doomed characters in terrifying circumstances
and: Horror



Magic which can be used to produce new effects improvizatinally. Mage and Ars Magica both have this sort of system.
Structure: Flexible

Creation of permanent magical devices.
Spice: Enchanting

Magical effects require or benefit from props, ingredients, special gestures, etc.
And: Spell Components

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