Searchers of the Ather Skies

Submitter: Bob Bersch
Description: The Ather Skies is a vast space of breathable air and floating planetoids (some with small orbiting 'suns' others in 'solar systems'). Every 'planet' has life on it. Some people are born with the ability to make devices that can tinker with the very fabric of reality, making basically magical devices. Given the tech level I'm seeing a kind of steam punkish kind of setting with Ather Zeppelins of various types allowing for exploration, trade, etc. between the floating states. There are wars and battles at various places but in general it if very peaceful on the surface.

Cultural Organization

Society composed of politically autonomous geographical regions ranging in size from cities to continents or entire planets. "I am a citizen of Great Britain"

Social Conditions

The society is undergoing no notable changes at the moment. Ex.: You've got me…

Society is located within a vast region which is too large to monitor entirely. This category could include undersea or virtual environments.
Modified: Space

Tech Level

Mass production, steam power, telegraph, railroad, zeppelin, ironclad warships, dynamite, repeating handgun, direct current electricity, germ theory of disease, anesthetics, vaccines
Industrial Revolution (TL 5)

Tech Modifiers

Devices can be built with abilities far beyond that achievable by prevailing technology.
Weird Science / Gadgetry

Narrative Emphasis

Travel, Do-gooding, searching for wealth and excitement

Reality Style

Endangered characters facing overwhelming circumstances



Creatures with powers or abilities beyond those of typical animals; Unicorns, Tribbles, etc.
Supernatural Creatures

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