Le Masque de la Mort Rouge

Submitter: Hasegawa Ayumi
Description: It started with the discovery of an ancient alien artifact. As scientists studied the artifact, they became aware of a deadly illness affecting their camp. Soon, the illness spreads beyond the research site into the world. The disease was unlike anything that had ravaged the planet before. Out of fear and arrogance, one popular imperial prince leads his court into space to escape the plague. Free from infection and thousands of miles above the planet, the imperial prince and his court live in luxury aboard a lavish orbital space station. The seemingly endless party abruptly ends when an unwelcome visitor interrupts an elaborate masquerade ball.

Cultural Organization

Society knitted together by hierarchical social obligations. Ex: Middle ages Europe, pre-European Japan. "I am a serf of Lord Feigen"

Social Conditions

The society has just gone through a sudden destructive shock. Ex: The Great Depression, Russia after Cold War

Tech Level

Antimatter power, artificial gravity, slow FTL radio, nerve pistol, superheavy combat armor, disruption beam, genericillin, genetic engineering of complex mental traits, creation of new species from scratch
Interstellar (TL 10)

Tech Modifiers

Pharmaceuticals with useful temporary effects are readily available. They may be safe or extremely dangerous.

Narrative Emphasis

Travel, Do-gooding, searching for wealth and excitement

Reality Style

Sin-tainted characters in a decadent and decaying world


Miraculous Religion

There is only one god
Structure: Monotheism

Prayers by the faithful laity can have a number of set effects, a la Clerical magic in Dugeons and Dragons.
Spice: Prayers

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