Star Clans

Submitter: Matt Quirk
Description: The intergalactic empire is no more... The billions of beings who were part of the high-tech elite have passed beyond the physical realm and entered a world of pure thought and energy. Of course, not everybody wanted to go... And some who wanted to go, couldn't afford it. With the elite gone, the empire has collapsed. Now, with nobody 'in charge' of the galaxy, secret societies and ancient clans of mystics are emerging from the shadows. Many of them wield strange powers or have access to Elite technology. Can the PC's use their powers to forge a new government from these factions, or will the universe degenerate into violent Anarchy? Picture a cross between Babylon 5's Techomages and the insipid 'Left Behind' series...

Cultural Organization

Biologically driven social structures, etc. "I am a citizen of the Northeastern Regurgitation Cycle"

Social Conditions

The society has recently metamorphosized from a previous Cultural structure. Ex: Post-Colonial nations, post-Apartheid South Africa, Post-Franco Spain

Tech Level

Construction of planets, restructuring of solar systems, total conversion of matter to energy, probability manipulation
Dysonian Engineering (TL 14)

Narrative Emphasis

Social maneuvering, diplomacy, coalition building

Reality Style

Endangered characters facing overwhelming circumstances



Magic which derives from the practitioner's level of enlightenment and/or exposure to supernatural phenomena. Mage and Star Wars both provide examples of this.
Structure: Gnostic

Lengthy magical procedures with dramatically powerful effects.
Spice: Ritual

Magical energy and/or effects can occur naturally. Tass, magical weather, and sites of power all fall under this category.
And: Free Magic

Comment Threads
David A. Spitzley
2001-12-03 20:24:13
I like this idea a lot, particularly the "Technomages meets Left Behind" high-concept description. I'm thinking that Transhuman Space from Steve Jackson Games will provide some useful ideas of the Elite personal modification technologies that existed prior to them finally transcending realtime. Another interesting piece of this setting is the possible range of pseudo-theological groups which might have sprung up amongst the "peasantry" in the aftermath of the Elite's transcendence.