Ok, here's the set of details the system has generated for your consideration. If you can find some way of fitting them together, you can write up a description of your vision for the new setting, give it a title, and save it for posterity. Go ahead, it's fun!

Cultural Organization

Society driven by the interactions of a small collection of mutually exclusive but geographically unbounded power structures. "I'm a worker of the Arasaka corporation"

Social Conditions

The society believes itself to be in a Boom, but it isn't sustainable or stable. Ex: 1920s, mid-1980s

Tech Level

Gunpowder, printing press, fully-rigged ships, hot air balloons, black-powder musket, cannon, sailing warship
Renaissance/Colonial (TL 4)

Narrative Emphasis

Dealing with personal connections and responsibilities
Friends & Family

Reality Style

Sin-tainted characters in a decadent and decaying world


Miraculous Religion

Spirits reside in all living things, and they may be entreated for assistance.
Structure: Animism

"The gods" may directly interfere in the mortal world when requested.
Spice: Divine Intervention

Certain creatures or materials are of importance to "the gods", and carry their blessings/curses.
And: Holy Animals/Materials