Ok, here's the set of details the system has generated for your consideration. If you can find some way of fitting them together, you can write up a description of your vision for the new setting, give it a title, and save it for posterity. Go ahead, it's fun!

Cultural Organization

Biologically driven social structures, etc. "I am a citizen of the Northeastern Regurgitation Cycle"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a dramatic flowering of new ideas and institutions. Ex: 16th century Italy, Weimar Germany

The society is in the midst of a complete overthrow of existing structures. Ex.: French Revolution, Chinese Cultural Revolution
Subculture: Chaos

Tech Level

Faster-than-light star travel, sentient computers, mature genetic engineering, nanotechology, longevity, particle-beam blaster, cold fusion, panimmunity, brain-tapes, complex implants, suspended animation, automedic; similar to Babylon 5 or Star Trek's Enterprise era
Starfaring (TL 9)

Narrative Emphasis

Travel, Do-gooding, searching for wealth and excitement

Reality Style

Imperfect characters in an imperfect world



Creatures with powers or abilities beyond those of typical animals; Unicorns, Tribbles, etc.
Supernatural Creatures

Miraculous Religion

Spirits reside in all living things, and they may be entreated for assistance.
Structure: Animism

"The gods" may directly interfere in the mortal world when requested.
Spice: Divine Intervention

Specific servants of "the gods" may be entreated in connection with their personal spheres of influence.
And: Saints