Ok, here's the set of details the system has generated for your consideration. If you can find some way of fitting them together, you can write up a description of your vision for the new setting, give it a title, and save it for posterity. Go ahead, it's fun!

Cultural Organization

Society knitted together by hierarchical social obligations. Ex: Middle ages Europe, pre-European Japan. "I am a serf of Lord Feigen"

Social Conditions

The society has just gone through a sudden destructive shock. Ex: The Great Depression, Russia after Cold War

Tech Level

Faster-than-light star travel, sentient computers, mature genetic engineering, nanotechology, longevity, particle-beam blaster, cold fusion, panimmunity, brain-tapes, complex implants, suspended animation, automedic; similar to Babylon 5 or Star Trek's Enterprise era
Starfaring (TL 9)

Narrative Emphasis

Secrets, infiltration, covert manipulation of others

Reality Style

Imperfect characters in an imperfect world


Miraculous Religion

There is something greater in the universe, but its true nature can only be partially understood. Intuition is more important than knowledge.
Structure: Enigmatic

Prayers by the faithful laity can have a number of set effects, a la Clerical magic in Dugeons and Dragons.
Spice: Prayers

Specific servants of "the gods" may be entreated in connection with their personal spheres of influence.
And: Saints

Cinematic Martial Arts