Ok, here's the set of details the system has generated for your consideration. If you can find some way of fitting them together, you can write up a description of your vision for the new setting, give it a title, and save it for posterity. Go ahead, it's fun!

Cultural Organization

Society based entirely upon individual autonomy; no overarching social structures with any coercive power. "I'm not telling you anything, man!"

Social Conditions

The society is in the midst of a dramatic flowering of new ideas and institutions. Ex: 16th century Italy, Weimar Germany

Tech Level

Cars, airplanes, radio, ocean liners, submarines, battleships, tanks, machine-guns, fighter aircraft, fission bomb, flak jacket, hydroelectric power, alternating current electricity, major surgery, antibiotics
World War I / II (TL 6)

Narrative Emphasis

Dating, marriages, nookie, and all that mushy stuff

Reality Style

Heroic characters in a high-action world



Magic based on an organized model of universal principals. Specific magical effects are instances of interactions between these principals. Mage and Ars Magica are good examples of this.
Structure: Divisional/Scientific

Creation of potions and other single-use magic items.
Spice: Alchemy

Creation of permanent magical devices.
And: Enchanting


Magic which derives from the practitioner's level of enlightenment and/or exposure to supernatural phenomena. Mage and Star Wars both provide examples of this.
Structure: Gnostic

Magic which tends to have wide ranging and somewhat unpredictable side effects. Core Earth magic in Torg is a good example of this.
Character: Wild

Lengthy magical procedures with dramatically powerful effects.
Spice: Ritual