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Sometimes the most difficult thing to manage as a Gamemaster is coming up with a novel idea for a campaign, or creating yet another dimension for your group of happy-go-lucky planar adventureres. David's Setting Generator is intended to help spawn new ideas; I can say from personal experience that it is possible to come up with a half-dozen novel concepts in an hour by playing with this little toy. As a service to other gamers who might be suffering from GM's block, I've made it possible to save your ideas for browsing by others.

Previously Created Dimensions

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2018-10-10 00:39:12 Anonymous Friends & Family/Adventuring Silly Flash.... ahhaa!!
As above,
2018-08-29 01:41:50 Anonymous Espionage Cinematic Gal Psi
2018-07-27 17:57:12 Anonymous Adventuring Cinematic Steampunk Spacetravel
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2018-01-29 10:43:23 Hacked By CrazyPcUser Adventuring Cinematic
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2017-11-26 08:12:28 Anonymous Exploration Silly Wyato escape attempt
2016-10-04 19:07:53 evilstonepenguin Adventuring Cinematic Riunox
A very dramatic world, fit for adventures, with awesome martial arts. There many wars going on all over, and society is beginning to fall. Renaissance style weapons and tech are used. The World Consists of 8 Tribes: Yellow Tribe Green Tribe Blue Tribe Purple Tribe Red Tribe Orange Tribe Black Tribe White Tribe The perfect place if your looking for adventure!
2015-02-12 23:48:12 Atlas Espionage/Politics Realistic Yearling
A truly interstellar community that blurs the line between the real and the digital. The discovery of psionics and other psychic phenomenon lead many to question whether reality itself is simply a digital construct. All the while, new transparent governments begin revealing files that may lead credence to the all digital theory.
2013-11-27 06:12:15 Cherydactyl Adventuring Cinematic War of the Rings
The Founders have not returned to their creation in a millennial, and their myth is beginning to die out in the midst of a cultural and technological revolution. Social upheaval is following technological growth when suddenly certain magical artifacts and creatures start appearing, matching descriptions from the Books of Founding. Are the Founders real after all, and what do they want of us? [remember: sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic to the Iron Age feudal society.]
2013-11-17 10:43:38 Charles Adventuring Mythic Aldil
The Daniv empire has fallen, the Imperial line erased, and barbarian hordes roam the land. With nothing to unite them the regions of the center wage war on each other in the hopes of recreating the empire.
2013-03-28 16:26:22 Hasegawa Ayumi Adventuring Gothic Le Masque de la Mort Rouge
It started with the discovery of an ancient alien artifact. As scientists studied the artifact, they became aware of a deadly illness affecting their camp. Soon, the illness spreads beyond the research site into the world. The disease was unlike anything that had ravaged the planet before. Out of fear and arrogance, one popular imperial prince leads his court into space to escape the plague. Free from infection and thousands of miles above the planet, the imperial prince and his court live in luxury aboard a lavish orbital space station. The seemingly endless party abruptly ends when an unwelcome visitor interrupts an elaborate masquerade ball.
2012-06-19 06:27:49 Anonymous Politics Realistic In the Mouth of the New God
It arrived in the world with the sound of thunder... The event that was later to be called the Tunguska Impact heralded the emergence into our dimension of a radically different form of life; a mutagenic virus capable of infecting both body and mind. A hundred years later, humanity is the willing slave of the Flesh; a pulsating organic structure that covers most of the Earth. Mankind worships the Flesh and views itself as part of the organism, serving feudal lords who manage key biological functions. Not everyone worships the Flesh, however. Every now and then, individuals suffer an immune response crisis, rejecting the virus that makes them a part of the greater organism. Hiding out in the structures of the world that was, these few scavenge the fruits of human technology and rediscover their heritage, while the servants of an alien god hunt them down for digestion in the reformation vats.
2011-04-21 22:34:12 Mick O'Velly Friends & Family Gothic Curse of Castle Vorkenstein
you are the last male descendant of a proud vampyre hunting clan... can you restore the heart of your ancestral province from the evil forces that have usurped your ancient site of power ? your sisters, cousins, and a small force of elvish warriors will be your only loyal allies...
2011-04-21 22:20:51 Mick O'Velly Adventuring Cinematic Steel Fist, Argent Tentacle
can your brave Armored Wushu Conquistadors conquer the mysterious Aztec Empire, and destroy the hideous "slepping god" before it wakes ?
2011-04-21 22:08:15 Mick O'Velly Politics Mythic Bog Wars
high power anything goes uber munchkin campaign
2011-03-17 06:31:42 Bob Bersch Adventuring Survival Searchers of the Ather Skies
The Ather Skies is a vast space of breathable air and floating planetoids (some with small orbiting 'suns' others in 'solar systems'). Every 'planet' has life on it. Some people are born with the ability to make devices that can tinker with the very fabric of reality, making basically magical devices. Given the tech level I'm seeing a kind of steam punkish kind of setting with Ather Zeppelins of various types allowing for exploration, trade, etc. between the floating states. There are wars and battles at various places but in general it if very peaceful on the surface.
2010-01-21 10:08:07 Badger, 1st Class Exploration Gothic Induced Through the Stars
Decadent Victorian steampunk space opera.
2010-01-21 10:03:28 Badger, 1st Class Exploration Cinematic Velizella
A recent astronomical (astrological?) event has set the world afire by awakening the latent psychic potential of humanity. Guilds, political factions and even nations are finding the long-established balances of power tipped for or against them by this phenomenon. Where will you stand in the Mind Wars?
2009-11-11 21:03:56 Bob Espionage Gothic Picking up the shards
Far future star spanning civilization collapses, throwing individual worlds to their own destiny. The psionic tech that powers this civilization has changed and now requires rare 'psi shards' that hard to find. Worlds without them fall to barbarism.
2009-05-24 07:47:28 Arktanis Darkfeather Exploration Survival Phoenix
Experts say we once were millions and had a galactic empire that spread across various galaxies... I think they are stupid and should STFU. There are more important matters than if we had a super powerful empire. We live in the ruins of what once were crowded cities, be it on land or sea. We live in constant running from those not human or variant... Speaking of variants, why the fuck do we call them like that? They are not human and certainly not a mutation of us, just look at them. Back to what I was saying, we live on the run. We are persecuted by silicons, bots and even some psychic nut-job. I tell you, those bastards are one hell of a problem. What do we do? I don't know... survive maybe? Some devote their lives to try and regain the lost technology, some to the hoarding of those long lost artefacts. You know what? Those nutters can doom themselves in their stupid searches, it's not my problem, I'm not their boss nor their servant.
2009-05-10 10:22:25 Anonymous Exploration Realistic Aoalsteinn
It was once a world much like our own. It was thriving, the three great continents dominated by great kingdoms and oligarchies. The glory days of the ancient Isllar Empire had faded, but the nations left in its wake were growing. It seemed like every day new progress was made in the new science, the magic of technology and mechanics. The ancient magic of the Recitors, the great mage-scholars that helped the Isllar Empire rule the world, was considered passe, out of date. But then came Ripping. Some blame the gods, some blame the Recitors. Most are just trying to stay alive. After 68 days and nights of terrible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, windstorms of unspeakable fury, and magic raging everywhere, the three continents were left ravaged. The new land is very different. Violent and dangerous creatures, horribly malformed, stalk the planet. Fertile plains and inlands seas are maelstroms of volcanic activity. How can humanity survive in this? It seems the Recitors weren't so passe after all... (Written or Played from the position of a small group, including several Recitors of varying abilities and levels, who are searching for the cause of the Ripping.)
2009-01-18 02:46:42 Ebatbuok Adventuring Whatever-Punk The Dorians
The Dorians are prone to adventure. The have just discovered the way of travelling to another universe. Each tribe want to control a portal to a new world and is going to get one. But who gave to the Dorians the portal's technology ? How does it come that their society raised from nearly a roman age to this new level ? Who's the new Lord of the Dor's Tribe ? The biggest tribe on the planet Dar ? The place where the Dorians lives. Who are this guys coming from outerspace the sensors have just detected two days ago ? The dorians are on the merge of high adventure :)
2009-01-06 10:21:22 Matt Quirk Adventuring/Exploration Cinematic What Are The Gods?
It started with a discovery - something wonderful. Someone, somewhere had found something that would change life forever, and for the better. A chemical procedure which would enhance a person's mind, allowing them to touch the divine. Things didn't work out quite as well as they had hoped. As it turned out, there isn't just "the divine". There's lots of different divinities, and they don't all get along. Some are benign. Some are insane. All of them are extremely powerful, and now they have actual physical representatives in the world.
2008-02-21 00:00:00 Flintlock Adventuring Gothic The Post-Sol Imperial Collapse
The golden age of man has passed. What was once a pluralist, galactic empire, ruled by benevolent and progressive rulers, has collapsed into a dismal broken world of despots, theocracies, and competing aristocratic dynasties. The last remnants of the Sol Imperial order exist only in the far flung colonies on the outer rim. It's capital, Earth, has been destroyed by civil wars and is no longer suitable to sustain life. Life in the Post-Sol galaxy is dangerous, short, and generally miserable. Due to rampant violence and near constant regime changes, peoples have turned to tribal alliances, preferring to rely on kinship for security more than political authority. Often cut of from what major trade routes still in existance, technology draws from it's Sol Imperial traditions, with notable advances in biomedical research, but also is cut off from necessary materials, and often resort to ancient technologies like steam power. In the Post-Sol Imperial Collapse universe, controversy, violence, intrigue, and power struggles are found in every corner. How will you fare?
2008-02-20 00:00:00 Arktanis Darkfeather Espionage Realistic Realidad 2.0
En un mundo parecido pero no como el nuestro, la sociedad esta dividida por el poder y por el orgullo propio. La gente se rige por un estricto codigo de honor, al menos en apariencia, porque los poderosos estan en un combate secreto, del cual nadie sabe. Una bala vuela por detras y una bomba esplota por el otro lado. En esta sociedad hay pocas maneras de ganarse la vida, o haciendo lo que tus padres o convirtiendote en un renegado que vive en las sombras de la sociedad. De esta gente que vive a la sombra de los edificios es de quien los poderosos se valen para llevar a cabo su pequeña guerra tras bastidores. Esta gente, conocida como "Aislados", esta constituida por gente inconforme con la sociedad y con el camino que les asignaron. Muchos de los psiquicos forman parte de esta gente, al ver su potencial y como se desaprovecharía en otra vida.
2008-02-20 00:00:00 Izumi Kurosawa Espionage Gothic/Horror Gorge of the Spirits
Once a land of peace and unity turned into a dying land full of treachery. A great battle was once held here; the building crumbling and the people scavenging for whatever is still left. The massive lake that once was of clean water is now tainted with the ashes of battles from long ago.
2008-02-15 00:00:00 Tanner Politics Realistic Blood Sands
The year is 2144, Earth's citizens have expanded past the atmosphere and have new permanent colonies on Luna, Mars, Europa, and Ganymede. FACTIONS Dresden Heavy Industries- A mining/shipbuilding corporation based in Nairobi, owns the Dresden Orbital Lift (DOL), and most of the
2008-02-15 00:00:00 Anne-Marie Politics Mythic 3000 CE
In a world which humanity just emerged from a mass exodus lasting 1,000 years, refugees from different eras collide on a new home world. Our heroes and heroins are faced with the task of uniting what was one a great race.
2008-01-03 00:00:00 Fenris Exploration Horror The Terrible Secret of Space
For eons, the children of Earth have spread beyond their miniscule planet, colonizing whole galaxies. As exploration and colonization proceeds much more rapidly than humans can propagate themselves, and as technology exceeds even people's nigh infinite wants, the need for social structure breaks down. Each starship with populations ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands has developed it's own identity, culture, and with genetic manipulation it's own species, sometimes widely diverging from the original human form. Psionics is one widely-implemented result of highly-advanced genetic manipulation. Only in emergencies such as catastrophic failure of ship systems do such populations make a permanent colony on a planet, and only then does terraforming take place, but even then the sheer emptiness of space draws most people away as soon as the new colony is capable of ship building. Due to the fracturing of humanity into ship-bound tribal units, technological innovation has taken a back seat to exploration and individual ambitions. Further, as the innumerable subspecies of Homo Novus has discovered in it's travels, even the most basic native life is extremely rare, and intelligent and tool-using aliens are considered subjects of fiction and rumor. The story follows one particular starship as it discovers ancient evidence of another intergalactic empire. While the ruins themselves are perhaps a billion years old and protected by psionic traps of exceeding and maddening power, the explorers stand to discover incredible secrets, including the lost empire's genesis and dissolution, the nature of it's extradimensional invaders, and the inevitability of humanity's impending doom. The reaction of the explorers is the core of the story: do they flee their newfound knowledge into the safety of insane decadence and violence, do they somehow seek to save themselves from the invaders by hiding, or do some seek to contact the invaders and thereby trigger invasion?
2008-01-03 00:00:00 Fenris Romance Realistic The Crystal Chrysanthemum
A fictional Asian-style setting. The Zhong Empire is a land of peace, united under the benevolent eye of the divine Emperor Xao. Peasants toil happily to provide for their betters, who in turn offer their subjects security and stability. Although this rosy picture rarely coincides with reality, all at least publically subscribe to this ideal. As all bodies are united under the Zhong Empire, all souls are united in the study of Zheling, a quasi-religion that teaches the apparent contradictions of social and spiritual harmony and individual potential. It is said that those who truly understand the Dao-Zheling are capable of manifesting superhuman power, but rarely find reason to. The story revolves around Gan Tong, a peasant who without any special training nonetheless demonstrates the power of the most enlightened monks. Many peasants Empire-wide acclaim the prodigy almost as a messiah whose innate power makes it obvious that he should be emperor, while those interested in preserving the status quo condemn his lack of training and discipline. These political upheavals, however, are only seen as obstacles to Gan, who is truly only interested in winning the love of Princess Li Yuan Xao. Assassination attempts, psychic duels, accusations of treachery, and perhaps tragedy for both Gan himself and bystanders follows in his wake as he pursues his love. Gan's greatest tragedy may be in finding that Li's love is more a result of his psychic influence than anything genuine, though it would require an incredible act of will and discipline for Gan to refuse his gift and turn away from his desire.
2008-01-02 00:00:00 Fenris Espionage Gothic The Forsaken
Forty years ago, Earth was lost. It's utter annihilation is all the more terrible because nobody can agree on the cause of it's destruction, or even it's nature. Bereft of the moral, political, and economic support of humanity's homeworld, the disparate Martian, Venusian, and Jovian colonies quickly fractionalized, it's citizens frequently claiming independence not only from other colonies or their traditional corporate rulers, but even from each other. As travel and communications grind to a halt between the few remaining bastions of humanity, all but the most stubborn optimists foresee a future that holds nothing but slow degeneration of society to the point where the maintenance of life support systems fails completely, and some even claim that such a fate will become reality in only a few decades. However, the larger and more advanced colonies, at least those that maintain some semblance of order, have detected presences entering the solar system, apparently drawn to investigate the signature waves emitted during Earth's destruction. Whether such alien presences represent salvation, damnation, or something else entirely remains to be seen. Based on a few sporadic comminiqués from the furthest reaches of Human space, these enigmatic beings display frightful mastery of energy that, as far as observers can determine, is essentially magic of the highest order.
2007-12-22 00:00:00 The Gremlin Adventuring Mythic 0anthryn
The entire world id basicaly cntroled by the Witch Doctors. Or so it seems. Unbeknown to most, the Witch Doctors are dying out. Few have the gift. The Witch Doctors try to conceal this, of course, but they can do nothing about their plight. All the earth can do is watch. Soon the Witch Doctors, protectors of nature, will die. That was fifty years ago. Now, the times are dark. The entire world is blackened from fires, trees are as rare as roses in winter, and nobody knows why. Few knew that the Witch Doctors protected nature, and without it, the earth is not whole. How long the world will last, none know. They can only wait, and pray, and hope.
2007-12-13 00:00:00 The Gremlin War Horror The Ravenlands
The Ravenlands are fraught with strife. Hundreds of wars have been waged over small things. Thousands of wars are yet to come. In the middle of the conflicts dwell the Ravens. The Ravens are causing the war. They feed on pain and suffering, and so they must have war. It is not their fault, and they wish to be free of the curse. They did not ask for it, after all. But they have it, and unless the heroes can find the knife Ravenfreer, the Ravens are doomed to death at mankind's own hands. And with the Ravens gone, the balance will be destroyed, and the wars can never end.
2007-12-05 00:00:00 Anonymous Adventuring/Politics Survival/Realistic The River Styx
The land has long since dried up, so that there is no water anywhere, not even in the ocean. Except for the river Styx. Named after the famed river of the dead, it for some reason remains as wet as ever. And as dangerous. No one who has fallen into that river has come back out, it is said. Nobody knows why it remains dry, but the people are far from complaining. As the land is so dry that it is only made up of deep chasms, the folk fashioned boats that could last. Soon, everyone was on one of the boats, and they went onto the river. Soon, though, they were attacks by sharks and dolphins; not the unintelligent attacks of hungry animals, but cold, calculated ones. The humans drove them off, but they were divided. Soon, as they were only human, they began fighting among themselves. The 'kingdom' that used to exist is now more than five hundred 'kingdoms'. The folk remain at peace, and are not openly hostile... ...for now.
2007-12-04 00:00:00 The Gremlin Adventuring Surreal Anathryn
The people have realized that they are in only one world. There are hundreds of other overlapping planes other than the one they are on. They learned this through mysterious windows that have begun appearing in the most illogical places. Where these windows have come from no one knows, but farmers have begun leaving this world in the hopes of better land elsewhere, leaving the inhabitants of the Common World without resources. they will either have to die, or go out and follow the farmers.
2007-12-04 00:00:00 Anonymous Adventuring Cinematic The Crystal Land
All animals are daemons, creatures that live with their friends, the humans. However, some wish to make it not so. Plotters intend to steal the daemons and enslave them. They have begun forcing the folk to do work with their daemons, and intend to eventually force them to give up their friends altogether. If the folk ever needed heroes, it would be now.
2007-09-15 00:00:00 Seraphim Adventuring Melodramatic Apocalypse 1900
The year is 1900. The beginning of a new and glorious century. The end of the world. Three years ago, the first hints of what was to come arrived in the form of the Raised, the Highest. Beings of great power, the Raised were a cut above ordinary humanity. People of all classes were transforming, changing into super-human capable of shaking the very foundations of the world. And so they did. In 1889, the War to end all wars began. The vast class divide was bridged as the the poor rose up, challenging the traditional ways of the world, lead by Raised generals and warriors. The rich hired mercenary armies and sent their own raised against these upstarts. And every empire in the world was plunged into chaos. Every nation was forced to contend with war from the outside and rebellion from within. The world was crumbling. And then it was over. At the turn of the new century, nearly one hundred thousand Raised spontaneously turned into psychic bombs, wiping out nearly all sentient life on earth. The survivors are now attempting to eke out a new existence in a war-torn and lifeless world. The few survivors now
2007-09-08 00:00:00 Pearl Politics Survival The Mind Wars
During the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, a new kind of people emerged in the chaos of post-Revolution France. At first they stayed quiet, manipulating Napoleon himself for their means and to their ends. Then came Waterloo. There, the world was astounded to discover a group of people -some French, but not all- who had control of amazing psychic powers. These people had been repressed for centuries, and many burned as witches or demons. One of these - a remarkably powerful young Englishman - was so driven by the need for revenge (for the English inherit the memories of their psionic ancestors) that he unleashed an event of apocolyptic proportions. The rest, as is said, is history. A bloody history of mind-battles and physical wars; of entire countries laid to waste and masses of people slaughtered in genocide. For three decades the Mind Wars raged across the world. Eventually, such over-use of the psychic powers awoke a degree of psionics in everyone. But the exact powers differed by race, and half-breeds became shunned for the unpredictability of their Psi-gift. It has been nearly four decades since the Mind Wars petered out. Life in the new, barren world has been harsh, and technology has fallen back into the levels familiar to that from before the Wars. It has been every man for himself and his family as long as anyone can remember. (Save, of course, for those poor, rare Englishmen.) But even the 'for his family' provides a glimmer of hope. It has been out of suspicion for other races that humanity has avoided each other. Some have even taken to the seas in the wooden sailing ships to escape their brethren on land. But another group of people is emerging in the land that was once France. They know that if humanity wants to survive, they need to unite and re-build their world. Especially in Europe. But a near century of distrust and loyalty to one's self, one's family, and one's race (in that order) isn't going to make their job any easier. ((This group is the Player's group of characters. OR the central characters in story.))
2007-06-16 00:00:00 Brenden Gibbons Politics Horror Bloodmachines
Imagine it. A world where spirits exist, and magic correlates with the spirits existing. Ages ago, the Spirits were found. Spirits, ones who has so much power over anything and everything, were unlocked and unleashed upon the world as avatars of different things. As the spirits came, magic cried havoc upon the world, everyone wished to hold reign this new power. And all this, happening when science was truly booming, electricity, vaccines. Science and magic had to coexist with each other. But few can truly grasp magic, while more can grasp science. Others aren't educated enough to grasp either, and worships the spirits for hope of help. But something is happening. There has been news of Magic users wreaking havoc, and Scientists wreaking havoc back. The Spirits are easily swayed, and the Shamans, those who talk and walk with the spirits was pulled into the frey. The world is destroying itself. The Mages with rituals and magics, The Scientists with repeating handguns and explosives, The Shamans with the powers of the spirits themselves, and then there's the ones who have nothing but themselves. The huge war between the three castes are dangerous. No country wishes to be a part of it. But sooner or later, they'll be sucked in. Behind all this... The Bloodmachines, a shaman, a mage and a scientist works together to combine their powers to do one thing. Take over the world. Can the PC convince the rulers to help them stop the little known Bloodmachines? what if they find out that the Bloodmachines are each in high positions, and are deep rooted within the politics? What if they're forced to go underhanded, use subterfuge, fight the creations and combinations of magic, spirit and science? What can you do?
2007-05-12 00:00:00 Ecco Tyler Espionage Cinematic/Realistic Alkonia
A brutal galactic war has come to an end and society is in the process of rebuilding itself. Unfortunately, democracy lost the war and most of the universe is controlled by powerful corporations and rich tycoons. As a result, people who speak out against this new government are usually executed swiftly on public media for all to see or shoved away in gulags designed to hold political prisoners. The companies tend to control every aspect of people's lives from what they're allowed to say or do to the religion they participate in. Speaking of which, there is a belief that there is only one god and people who believe or say otherwise are usually branded as heretics and hunted down by inquisitions. Due to the fact that most of the controlling companies make and design complex technology beyond what many people have ever seen, the technological level of Alkonia is very high, so high, in fact. that some corporate executives consider themselves to be gods, despite the fact the monothestic outlook on religion. But they believe that if you control everything, you can say or do whatever you want. Some of the more faithful people claim to have seen gods in visions or talked to angels or devils, but are usually dismissed by the corporations as crazy and locked up in mental hospitals. On other occasions, such people sell their story to questional tabloids such as the "Galactic Inquirer" and "Supernatural Stories". Others who have never seen such visions take the existance of such things as the fox creatures known as kitsune to be proof of some higher power. Psychic powers are an important part of life, and many people have them. Such powers range from things as simple as predicting lottery numbers to making things explode with your mind. On a daily basis, heroic rebels fight to free the people the corporations or work freelance to steal secrets and technology from them, but at the end of the day, they're still only human.
2007-05-05 00:00:00 Cheorl d'Arion Politics Realistic Makia: After the Revolution
10 years ago the land of Makia suffered a bloody revolution in the throwing down of its corrupt leaders. Since then, Makia has been reaching out to the other lands in its vast world, expanding its trade magnificently. They find that they are 'God-Blessed' among races... and that they are very new to the political maneuvering of the world around them...
2007-05-05 00:00:00 D'Arion War Realistic Legacy of the Enchantor
For two centuries Rankor has thrived and prospered, climaxing into a Golden Age of knowledge that has lasted for nearly all of that century. They have even succeeded, through the science-magic of their world, in achieving panimmunity. In over a century, no enemy has threatened the Island State and her feudal fiefs on her homeland. But a new enemy has emerged from the depths of the ocean and the knowledge has been lost in the Long Peace on how to deal with it... all the Rankor citizens can do is fight it, and hope for the best, while the Professor-Magi search for the Ancient Rituals once used to combate these enemy from legend. The few Ritual's remembered all involve an obscure object or method call 'The Enchanment'. Some things shoudl never have been forgotten.
2007-05-05 00:00:00 D'Arion Exploration Realistic Through the Triangle
PC's (from fandom or oc from real-history) end up by accident going through the Bermudan Triangle to a world struggling to recuperate from a massive war that destructed the Empire that held sway over most all known lands. Technology is (to the PC's) positively ancient. Entering the alternate dimension (which is basically the America's/Africa's in Iron/Bronze Age European-like culture) immediately leaves the PCs open to being made aware of the psionics that the powerful of these lands use. Common people are leery of psionic-users, as they normally gain distorted features (odd-coloured eyes and hair patterns) and tend towards madness. The key to getting back home lies in the PCs using the native psychic abilities that are laid into them upon entering the world. If, in their subconscious they do not want to go back, however, the psychic travel methods will not work, but tap into the hidden longing to stay in this world.
2007-04-28 00:00:00 From Business Realistic Rising Suns
Corporations exist outside of a feudal framework, causing cooperation and interaction outside of the hierarchy. Society has recently discovered Psionic powers as an offshoot of Ki, and they are being developed at a high rate - "Telepathy for dummies"-equivalents have become available almost everywhere, and just about everyone has taken up some internal (Tai Chi, Aikido, et cetera) martial art. The opportunities for profit are endless - developing and selling solar systems, learning martial arts/ki/psionics and setting up a dojo, guinea pigs for a research company - well, the latter may not be all that healthy in the long run. Suffice to say, the world is your oyster - opportunity is yours, humanity is spread across the galaxy and even piracy, or rather privateering, is not impossible.
2007-04-05 00:00:00 Aljovin Adventuring Cinematic The new Dark ages
In the future, society has changed, the governements as we know then have disapeared, new advancement in genetics and robotics helped the disabled, but soon, the technology was used to get an advantage on the poorer of society. Soon, mistakes were made, some people reacted to the genetic changes and new races emerged, those who controlled the space travel controlled the economy. Then came the Xorns, no one knows exactly where they are from, they could be early mutated humans or aliens. Xorns have perfected the cloning process to a point where they can produce new armies at will. Will your adventurer survive in these dangerous times? Will you make a fortune or die in battle? Many challenges awaits the brave and the bold. But only the prepared will survive!
2007-01-06 00:00:00 K. David Ladage War Gothic Evolution
It is a dark, and mysterious world. It rains far more than it should; the constant cloud cover seems to ensure that even in the light of day, you are cast in dismal shades of grey. The last war is barely over. The five overlords continue to squable, but the threat -- the real threat -- of the Utani launching yet another invasion into the fiefdoms keeps them from waging all-out war against one another. The Utani, a collective of various clans of talking, mostly-upright ape cultures has been at war with the humans for as long as even the most wisened of sages can recall. How the war began, well, most of humanity has no idea... but the sin of man has left a stain on the world, and on his soul. At least that is the word preached by the various Wise Men at morning prayer. But hell, the reasons for this conflict starting are not important: humanity hates the Utani; te Utani hate humanity. What more does a soldier need to know? Technology is regressed -- technological levels of the Bronze Age are prevelant. A couple of nuggets of knowledge that surpass this benchmark exist: steel weapons and mathematics with 0 being the most evident. The best armor around, however, is heavy leather. And sailing? Have you seen those storm-clouds over the waters of the Pacific? No way! there is simply no way man or beast could survive out there. Humanity is quite well aware of te fact that the they were once an advanced and technological society. After all, some of the buildings remain... but since few humans dare to set foot outside of the five kingdoms, it is unknown if any other remnants of the old world remain once you get outside of the area that was once known as Seatac (Seatle-Tacoma).
2006-09-15 00:00:00 R Alldridge Adventuring Mythic Spring and Autumn, Zhong and Jho
Agrarian farmers support an educated caste of 'gentlemen' who study law, history, alchemy, to advance their family, their culture. Currently an upheaval due to philosophical conflict; 'The Way': go with the flow, nothing is evil but what men do; vs. 'Legalism': men are evil and must be rigidly controlled by harsh laws or all will fall to chaos and ruin; vs. 'Hard Work': all must accept their place in a paternalistic, elders-leading sytems of respect, legal checks and balances. The 'gentlemen' may use swords, the code of duels and revenge under the law, or the 'mandate of heaven' (signs and portents) to bring advancement and stability through skillful conflict resolution.
2006-09-14 00:00:00 Artemis Adventuring Realistic Grimoire World
Magier und Dämonenherrscher zeichnen sich zumeist als absolute Herren über einzelne Städte oder Landstriche aus, während Menschen eher durch politische Spielchen und den Besitz von viel Geld oder Einfluß herrschen. Menschliche Herrschaft ist jedoch sehr selten, wenn Menschen herrschen, dann zumeist Gallionsfiguren und religiöse Führer. Staaten gibt es nicht mehr. Anarchie spielt auch eine große Rolle in dieser Welt. An vielen Orten herrscht nur das Recht des Stärkeren - eine Lebensform, die viele Dämonenherrscher sogar selber unterstützen, während die meisten Menschen und Magier sie ablehnen. Magie ist etwas Mystisches und Unberechenbares, welches wenig verstanden wird. Gebete und Reliquien haben große Macht, doch niemand weiß wirklich, ob es die Macht ihres Gottes ist. Höchstwahrscheinlich sind Gebete bloß die Art für Nicht-Magier, unterbewußt ihre magischen Fähigkeiten einzusetzen und an religiösen Orten und religiösen Gegenständen wird diese Macht gespeichert. Magie selber ist chaotisch, wer sie benutzen kann, der tut das meist von Geburt an. Da es aber kaum Lehreinrichtungen gibt und nur wenige Leute, die die Muße haben, um überhaupt über diese Fähigkeiten nachzudenken, müssen die meisten Magier ihre Kräfte instinktiv einsetzen. Vielleicht könnte die Magie verstanden werden, wenn man dazu die Zeit und Leute hätte. Die Charaktere haben alle ihre Schwächen und Stärken, es sind Leute, die zu ihrer Zeit und Welt gehören. Niemand von ihnen ist gut und selbstlos, doch es ist auch keiner vollkommen böse. Eine abenteuerliche Schnitzeljagd durch eine post-apokalyptisch angehauchte Welt. Die Welt ist Steampunk bis zum 1./2. Weltkrieg, das kommt ganz darauf an, inwiefern die lokalen Herrscher Entwicklung und Fortschritt zulassen. Es gibt teilweise auch Hochtechnologie, doch ist diese durch Magie angetrieben.
2006-09-14 00:00:00 Derendel Adventuring Mythic And Then There Was Life....
The Starswarm project was a success. Humanity tossed thousands of tiny microbots at a near light speed toward a terraformable planet. The machines forged an advanced base and grew bodies for the minds of the new colonists. As the first digital copies of minds arrive they find a world wracked by ongoing terraforming, barely explored by their machines, and destiny to write. Unfortunately the world they leave behind has just begun a viscious ideological war over the great social concerns of the day. The loyalties and beliefs of the international team are divided. The majority cut ties to an increasingly irrational earth and set themselves to construction of this new world, but others plot to extend the Terran Hegemony. In the meantime there is the natural life to deal with and the strange hive-like inhabitants.
2006-09-13 00:00:00 D. Stomper Politics Cinematic Faith, Factories, and the Fallen
When a devastating global conflict pushed industrial civilization to the brink, the common people prayed to the Heavens to be spared. And they were. Very, very blatantly. Now the great nation-states have collapsed, but the people survive, sustained by the now openly active divinities of the world. Cooperation between the tribal "congregations" keeps a respectable infrastructure viable; while some technology was lost, thanks to the horrors of the War, nobody really misses it. Now the Congregations send traders, ambassadors, and missionaries--often all the same people--to keep their people prosperous and spread their faiths. But there are dark forces stirring as well...and now those men and women must face those forces, armed with divine favor--and a fair amount of firepower--to prevent the Fallen from finishing what they started a generation before...
2006-09-13 00:00:00 Spudzill War Cinematic Tomorrow Morning
This is the state of affairs we find ourselves in(possibly)at any moment from a quickglance of the headlines. China invaded Taiwan, North Korea invaded the South, as the US comes to the rescue, the new Chinese innovations have destoyrd the Carrier Fleets that were used as power projection. Iran Overruns Iraq, just as North Korea Overruns the South, and Nukes fly at Japan. Our PC's are a military unit in these wartorn areas and are attempting to survive, day by day, hour by hour in these hellish conditions.
2006-09-12 00:00:00 Cambias Adventuring Cinematic High Crusade!
It's the year 1270, with one small difference. The Elder Things of Antarctica have decided to clear the Solar System of hostile Eldritch Horrors. Naturally, they can't do the job themselves, so they've enlisted the aid of some of the evolved monkey-creatures of Earth's land surface. A group called the Knights of the Temple. The Templars now have a launch facility in Prester John's kingdom of Ethiopia, and bold knights venture forth to Venus, Mars, and Yuggoth to pit faith and steel against magic and madness!
2006-09-03 00:00:00 Anonymous Adventuring Gothic Lands of Tyrmor
The Holy Solidarity, the oligarchic government that has controlled the various states of Tyrmor for three millennia, is facing it's first true enemy. Not from without, but from within. The great psions are dying, and in their place are incompetent fools. The peasents are uprising, as they realize that they too can develop the amazing powers of their overlords. Led by the cunning and mysterious Lendu, the peasant forces are now thick in battle with the paid soldiers of the Solidarity's elite. Which side will you join--the peasants aching for freedom yet seem to have little chance, or the psions who have hoarded all the power at the expense of their sanity?
2006-03-19 00:00:00 Rp Bowman Politics Realistic Waking Mother
After aeons of searching and disapointment, humanity has finally rediscovered its planet of origin. Unlike the glorious "cradle of all life" depicted in countless legends, Earth is little more than a depleted mudball, the sad cosmic equivalent of the abandoned lot you'd find next to a really obscure intergalactic truck stop. But humanity is not the same, either. Finding no other forms of life in the galaxy, humans have lost all connection to their original form in adapting to many, many different environments. Roving "authorities" of genetically-similiar cultures make their way across the stars, from terraformed world to terraformed world. Once they lived in relative peace, but the hapless discovery of the Great Homeworld has already begun to stir up trouble.
2006-03-19 00:00:00 HallieBow Business/Exploration Mythic Croatoan
The immortal Virgin Queen has finally given her consent to an alchemical colony on the shores of Norembega, one of the islands of the New Sea between the Hellespont and Cathay. Despite the danger of wild natives, such as centaurs and fawns, these rich and primal lands will serve to test the resolve and business acumen of a new breed of academic. Here, too, the magically-educated citizens of Croatoan have a chance to really develop their skills, far from the prying eyes of the Virgin Queen's captured oracles. Will the mysteries of this mythical fastness yeild enlightenment or death?
2005-11-21 00:00:00 Anonymous Espionage Cinematic Greek Psychic Geneticallly Modified Ninjas EXTREME!!!
It's Ancient Greece Achilles is leading his troops from Troy to reunify Greece. Hell, that country needs some unification, with it's every-man-for-himself policy. Socrates is leading a psychic renaissance, eking out a tiny spark of Psychic power in every man. Alexander the Great has stolen Hercule's genes and made himself an army of Hercules. It's up to Pericles the leader of the Athenian General Assembly to send out his GENETICALLY MODIFIED PSYCHIC NINJAS to find out what's going on with his rivals and protect the last bastion of sanity in Greece. And where has his boy-toy gone?
2005-11-20 00:00:00 Magicwill Exploration/Politics Mythic The Messenger of Fire
Og was banging some sticks and then made fire! He has to show his new discovery to the world. But he has powerful enemies, such as Lord Gug who has a axe made from OBSIDIAN!!! In his quest Og will have to battle through legions of Lord Gug's cavemen and defeat powerful monsters to bring fire to every corner of the earth.
2005-02-08 00:00:00 Ryuukuro Politics Realistic The Young Tribes
At the dawn of humankind the first tribes are gathering and the first towns are being built, the people finding comfort and security with each other. The peaceful Green Grass People have advanced beyond their enemies, roving bandits and wildmen. But a new tribe has emerged from the wilderness, The Fangs of the Tiger. They have been watching the Green Grass People and learning their technology. Now they want influence in the world too and are willing to do anything to get it, be it through diplomacy or war.
2005-01-11 00:00:00 Sgt. Schultz War Cinematic Conflict in Grantanor
The land of Grantanor was once a prosperous, advanced democracy. However when a meteorite destroyed the capital the government collapsed, technology was knocked back by thousands of years. Where guns and missiles were the weapons of choice, they were replaced with swords and arrow. It was every man for himself. Now a century later, civilisation is on the rise again. But rather than one Democracy there are two major kingdoms: the Royal Imperium and the Plutocratic Brotherhood. Both are equal in size and military strength, and both are vying for control of the land. Inevitably they will come into conflict. One small group of people have the key to upsetting the balance of power: The descendants of scientists and engineers who survived the Apocolypse who have been taught to recreate and repair some of the 'ancient' technology left behind. With both the Imperium and the Brotherhood gearing for war who will this band of geniuses side with? Who will rule the world? Only time will tell…
2004-12-06 00:00:00 Ryuukuro Politics Silly/Gothic Victoriananoplitiania: ONE!
The steam age! (Or as Princess Vicki likes to call it, the Steamy Dreamy: ONE!) What a wonderful time to be alive as the revolutionary new technology takes Victoriananopolitiania and it's capital city, Super Londonopolis, from the days of living in caves and eating raw rat meat into an exciting new era of love, prosperity, and circus peanuts. Lots and lots of circus peanuts. While the nation and pretty much the rest of the world is ruled by Vicki and the Victorianan Empire: ONE!, the steam world is also being fought for over by two companies: Julie Verne's Incorporated Something and H.G.F.E.D.B.C. Wellsies' Popular Mechanical Things and Stuff. All three groups want to shape the world into their own image (Especially Vicki because she's so darn CUTE!) but mostly they just go about blowing up cities while trying to keep every one out of their hot love triangle (despite the facts that the three of them have never met.) There's lots to see and do like ride Zepplins to the House Next Door, buy the biggest gun you can find (especially the one that shoots circus peanuts. Lots and lots of circus peanuts) and of course you can always try to find Dr. Doctor and ride his rocket ship to the moon! Of course, this is all second to joining one of the three factions, rising to the top, and getting some sexually attractive lady or gentleman to kiss you!
2004-11-19 00:00:00 Demi Politics Cinematic Gods and Farmers, Vice and Heroes
As the saying goes, "Gods and farmers in the country, vice and heroes in the city." But in these recent times of growth, the influences of industry have been creeping further into the countryside and the Gods are very displeased. "Where the Gods lead, the peasants will follow." and the country folk have threatened to withhold shipments food unless the cities restrict their growth. Not to be held hostage by uneducated bumpkins, the urban engineers and thaumaturgists have discovered a way to make food without farms or divine intervention. Tensions are high on both sides, but cooler heads are proposing to build an experimental town in the wilderness - a more blended society will be established. The leaders hope that this will let both sides find common cause and avert violence in the homeland. Overseers will send back reports of progress, but with so much riding on the outcome, many believe that news of set-backs and failure may be censored. Fortune-hunters of all kinds are flocking to this frontier region, whether to stake out new land, set up shop, try out new technologies, report the truth, keep the peace, or simply start a new life. One should also be mindful of those who want to sabotage the project, and of course scoundrels and peddlers of vice seem to spring up in every town.
2004-11-15 00:00:00 Anonymous Adventuring Horror The Hell Between Worlds
Just as technology began to master universe at the quantum level, the universe bit back. Quantum dynamics turns out to be governed by spirits. This advance has led to an period of explosive growth, as the wizard powered starships left the earth for neaby stars. Recently, some ships that jumped through mana-space have become lost without a trace. There is something out there that has begun feeding on magic. Can the players find more magic or resources on the planets still in range before the foundation of the new mana-economy is swept away?
2004-11-15 00:00:00 Demi Politics Mythic Political Intrigue in a MagiTech Empire
The Emperor (and hereditary Supreme Sorcerer) has been assassinated by unknown members of the Nobility. The entire imperial family was killed at the same time; there are no obvious heirs and no noble is willing to step forward in case the assassinations continue. The whole solar system is in chaos as the Royal Sorentine Guards enforce marital law and hunt for traitors. Rumors abound that the nobility was not behind the killings; some rumors say General Yua orchestrated the murders and martial law in a devious coup; some believe that the ubiquitous magically created Artificial Minds have gotten too smart and want their freedom; wilder speculation blames desperate anarchists. Whoever's to blame, someone has to stave off the chaos, protect your lord's lands, deal with refugees, and act as diplomats to neighboring lands.... and you've been picked to be that someone.
2004-11-13 00:00:00 Demi War Mythic Nations of Thuban
Fifty years ago, a new regime came to power on the capitol world of Omokane - conservative politicians pulled support for the last regime's extensive colonialization efforts. Without the steady managed growth, most new colonies have undergone catastrophic economic and technological collapse. The frontier world of Thuban has fared better than some - autonomous economic regions grew into national states, and Thuban's planetary conditions permit relatively cheap production of some important psionic-inducing and amplifying drugs. Psi-drug production assures Thuban of at least a little continued trade with the rich core worlds. In the last generation, the political climate of Thuban has worsened as many nations vie to become the major supplier of psi-drugs to the stellar corporations. Along with political back-stabbing, espionage, and sabotage of psi-drug farms and factories, some nations have turned to open warfare to conquer their enemies and take the all-important farmland. Thuban's population consists of a hodge-podge of plain humans and several modified sub-species - all nations are of mixed species, although which mix and what percentages can vary.
2004-04-15 00:00:00 DClick Adventuring Mythic Mind Warp
Perhaps a century or two in the future, mankind has the technology to roam the stars. They've found habitable planets and strange creatures. Yep, that's your typical sci-fi start, ne? Anyway, not all is smooth sailing, however. On the planet Kedei 5, the people have discovered psychic powers. The strange Mindwarpers, a being native to the planet, have allowed certain people who they think have promising mental abilities into their mass-mind. These people, for lack of a better term, are known as the Mindwarped. However, this lead to a great conflict between the Mindwarped and the Kedeian government. The war is over now; Kedeian society is putting itself back together, and the remaining Mindwarped are in hiding. Sounds like a good setting for an adventure! (Hmm... That'd be fun for *me* to write a story around. But I'm saving it so you all can be inspired... you can use this as a base to a story, but at least change the names XD)
2004-04-09 00:00:00 Anonymous Adventuring Horror Automaton Empire
Many years after the death of Alexander the Great, scattered city-states and upstart empires eye each other around the Mediterranian while the Ptolemies keep an oppressed Egypt under control with an army of unstoppable, battery-powered clockwork Shabtis. The child Ptolemy V has recently come to power, and, aided by an ambitious regent, commenced building of a vast weapon capable of levelling entire cities.
2004-04-09 00:00:00 Anonymous Adventuring Cinematic South Sea Bubble
When they began to seek out new territory, European governments handed over control and funding of colonial expeditions to investors in the late 16th century. A century later, they have largely replaced the govenrments and have opened vast amounts of Indies territory to colonization. The world that they are settling, however, is not our own. It is a place of traveller's tales and nightmares, inhabited by men with the faces of dogs, or of horses, or no faces at all, and by even stranger beings: manticores and Rukhs and ants that war with cyclopes and griffons for gold. Into this come colonists and conquerors, missionaries and fugitives, rogues and explorers, all seeking their myriad fortunes.
2004-04-04 00:00:00 Fabien Lyraud Adventuring Whatever-Punk A City Called Mystery
Mystery is a strange city. An entired district is filled with giant skyscapers flooded by a perpetual mist. Rumor runs this is the place where God appears. The skyscrapers are inhabited by the minions of God: priests and other sycophants. The rest of the city is wasted by an economic crisis. Poverty is rising, and criminality is commonplace; to make matters worse, the city is home to cabals of sorcerers who organise plots and conspiracies. The PCs take the role of private investigators in a city where the authorities and police are corrupt. Their goals: justice.
2004-04-01 00:00:00 Fabien Lyraud Exploration Horror Legacy of the Sleepers
Far beneath the surface of the world live the Sleepers, giant creatures who sleep since milions years. The Sleepers can interfere in human live's through dreams, which the Sleepers pervert into horrible nightmares. Serving the Sleepers are the most sensitive humans: the Agents. The Agents execute the awful plans of the Sleepers. But there exists hope. A few people have developed psionic abilities and they can fight against the Sleepers' powers and the Agents. They are begining to organise a guild to destroy all the Sleepers. Society has recently emerged from a mediaeval regressive period and into a renaissance. The nations explore the world and discover other civilisations. The Sleepers strikes grow more intense because they want to provoke a gigantic war between all civilisations to exterminate mankind.
2004-03-31 00:00:00 Fabien Lyraud Business Mythic Djinns and Guns
Imagine a cross over between the wild west and the arabian nights. A world with cow boys, trains, gunslingers and also sultans in luxurious palace, harem, flying carpet, djinn, efreet, Ghouls and others creatures. Merchant caravans travel the world and for making business struggles against thousands of periles. Steamers travel across an ocean populated by sea sepents, and stops in fabulous ports to buy spices. A world of mythic adventures with tiger men, blue humanoids and other strange races wandering in the desert. A world with a savage fauna. A dangerous world.
2003-06-23 00:00:00 Anonymous Espionage Surreal Tripsville
An alternate Earth in which an experimental "Hyper LSD" caused the whole world to start "tripping," but somehow the psychic backlash prevented the mass death that would have normally resulted. However, three-quarters of the world's population vanished mysteriously. Now, the old order having broken down, people maintain life as best they can as they cautiously try to re-establish contact with the rest of the world. But each enclave has come up with a different bizarre way to run things (lottery elections, singing contests to allocate resources, etc.) and everyone gets the sense that reality is a little out of step. Nobody can quite trust their neighbors, at least at first, and nobody *But Nobody* can figure out where the advanced technology came from!
2002-08-04 00:00:00 John Olson Friends & Family Horror The Shadow Under London
In the old days, there were Kings and Queens, Parliaments and Presidents. That's all gone now. Ever since they destroyed themselves and/or each other in the Final War, pitting giant armored airships against walking, steam-powered war machines, the Trusts have controlled the world. Not that this is entirely bad; some of them are slave-drivers, while others take good care of their workers. And the ones that don't, tend not to be able to hire as many when word gets around. Still, even in the most benevolent of the Companies, there is a great deal of distance. Which makes it hard to get attention when something starts killing people, when strange cults enslave the young, when ghosts walk and things slither through the steam tunnels. Requests for help can take weeks to process, so you have to rely upon your friends and family to survive. Because there is another layer of reality beneath this one, and at night, the barriers between them can grow thin. The familiar streets of London or New York can twist and change into those of alien cities such as Carcosa or Ultima Thule, and who knows what might walk from there to here? In this TL 5+1 game, the characters are lower to middle class employees in a steampunk 20th Century world of fat, complacent corporations, trying to deal with what happens when the underpinnings of reality as they know it begin to break away.
2002-07-25 00:00:00 Anonymous Adventuring Surreal Insanely Brave New World
Ever since Leonardo Da Vinci started fooling around with lodestones and coils of wire, the world has not been the same. Soon, he'd shown how magnetism could be used to create what he called the "galvanic force," and this force in turn could be turned back into magnetism, or more usefully into motive power. Rigging windmills to generators was a natural idea, and now electric motors can be used to run clock towers and electrify walls when a city comes under seige. The new power is now used all across Europe, and new uses are being developed all the time -- slowly, but constantly. Perhaps this is why new interest is developing in all the sciences, including astrology, alchemy, and magic. The first two have been dead ends so far, but a breakthrough has occurred in the field of magic. (In GURPS terms, learning spells also gives a default skill in Improvisational Magic.) But something has gone wrong. Many claim that it's because of the new power, but no natural philosopher has been able to show a correlation. Others, most especially the Vatican, say it's because of the violations of God's natural laws that comes from casting spells. The thing is, history seems no longer stable. Where the Galvanic Force is in use, it's more so, but elsewhere, things change. Egypt might be ruled by a Sultan one year, then change into an ancient land still under the Pharaohs. The Turks besieging Constantinople might suddenly have ruled it for decades, or be fighting among themselves in a land that was never unified. In the colonies at Jamestown, Virginia, they found the tribes they'd been dealing with replaced by city-building Mayans, then Aztecs with hot-air balloons, then nobody, as the land was deserted. What's happening in Africa, nobody knows, and the trade from the Silk Road is anybody's guess. So far, attempts to design spells that will stabilize reality have not been successful. Traders who venture far from places that have Galvanic Power don't see anything change before their eyes, but upon returning to a place they've been before, it might not be the same place at all. Every voyage is now a voyage of discovery, no matter how many times the same trip is taken. And there are those who like it just fine that way.
2002-07-14 00:00:00 John Olson Politics Horror Gods and Monsters
The Free Islands of Caribbea, founded in the 1660s by pirates and privateers, showed the world that Magick was real, and when the British Empire was forced to recognize their independence, they took to the lesson well. Careful study revealed that Alchemy was easier to master than the more esoteric branches of the Ethereal Art, and though true mages and enchanted objects were rare, the Material Art became a part of the Industrial Revolution. This had the effect of accelerating the development of certain types of technology. Today, in 1950, we have steam engines, zeppelins, and the railroad, but we also have "Computation Engines," organ transplants, and the beginning of space travel. In addition, the past fifty years has seen the development of Applied Psychics, as Industrial Alchemy has produced the Amplifiers that are needed to start training. All of which makes for a pretty rosy world. Despite the loss of the Free Islands and the American colonies, the British Empire has lasted...but now it is fading. In the oppressive Puritan provinces of America, in the long-pacified Arabian Peninsula, in the streets and in the hills of India, even in the slums of London and the poorer of the Free Islands...something is stirring. There are rumors of monsters in the sewers, there are mysterious deaths and vanishings, and there is more... Psychics were the first to sense it -- a force gathering in churches and pagan sites. People claim to have touched the saints, to have seen angels, and to have found God. What is behind this? Why does it seem to manifest most often to those whose lives are endangered by the horrors that creep under Society's surface? And why, oh everlasting why, does it seem to play no favorites in matters of Faith, saving Puritan, Anglican, Catholic, Muslim and Hindu alike?
2002-06-07 00:00:00 kpram Adventuring Mythic Pandora's box
No one was prepared for the mind-shattering horror of what was found in the asteroid belt. The plagues that resulted were actually intelligent energy patterns that devastated the planet. Billions died. Those that remained were 'changed.' Stronger, faster, with an unquenchable optimisim in the face of the future, and in the rebuilding of their race.
2002-04-23 00:00:00 Anonymous Espionage Surreal The Great Game
Serve the Queen-Empress of the Britannic Hegemony and counter the dastardly plots of the Rus Star Empire and other rival stellar empires in the New Victorian Age!
2002-04-20 00:00:00 John Olson War Survival The War of the Words
As far back as history goes, the Sorcerer-Kings have ruled the various city-states. Some are cities of Elves, others are ruled by Dwarves, still others by other beings. But the Sorcerer-Kings are an older race (perhaps the Bales? That would be interesting). In any case, there was peace for most of that time. They have suppressed the growth of knowledge, either of technology or of magic, but there have always been those who dare to defy the rulers in secret. Natural philosophers understand the natural world better than the rulers do, but nothing much has come from that. But others have learned the secrets of Sorcery (GURPS ritual magic), though they cannot challenge the Sorcerer-Kings directly, and they pay a fearful price for the power they possess. Others have found a new source of power -- the harnessing of life-force to transform the body into a fearsome weapon. Just add in that focusing Chi requires meditation with specific mantras, and you have the name of the setting: Magic words, words of meditation, and the final, inevitable uprising of the rebellion. Now, it's a world in total war, and the enemy has the upper hand. Victory, if it comes, will be hard-won and long in coming, but this much is certain: from this moment, nothing will ever be the same.
2002-01-06 00:00:00 John Olson Business Cinematic Star Blasters!!!
The Galactic Empire has run out of steam. Their elite soldiers, the Galaxy Rangers, who were trained int the special combat disciplines of the Cosmic Forge, have now disbanded and gone their separate ways. All too of them have become mercenaries, selling their services to the highest bidder, or even out-and-out bandits. Regional governors now have direct control. Many sectors have splintered still further, descending into lawlessness. The PCs are a band of former Galaxy Rangers, and they now make a living as mercenaries too. Being the good guys, however, they retain their noble ideals and won't work for evil causes. Makes work a bit scarce for them, but that's what being the good guys is all about. Just for fun, make it a TL 6+3 world, using mega-Vacuum Tubes. If nobody wants to play the engineer with frizzled white hair and a German accent, you have to put him in as an NPC.
2001-12-10 00:00:00 John Olson Adventuring Horror The Shadow Over Everything
Steampunk world, with horrors living in the shadows. Enough of these are created by mad scientists that everyone thinks that they all are. But in reality, the stunning new inventions are the result of entreaties to mad, cosmic beings who are insinuating themselves into the universe. As their influence grows, the pace of true innovation slows. It has just about stopped now. The Council, a collection of corporate trusts, rules the world, having displaced all bounded governments. They are actually ruled by various cults, each one controlling a different corporation. The PCs discover the horrible truth: That all the TL5+1 and up technology is actually magic, and the true purpose of it is to suppress the development of TL6. They go on the run, hunted by the agents and monsters of the Council, seeking to end various plots where they find them. They are aided by a shadowy group of inventors who operate out of a submarine and are led by Nikola Tesla and H.P. Lovecraft.
2001-12-10 00:00:00 John Olson Espionage Whatever-Punk Free For All
Corporate future, with interstellar technology(TL10). They have mastered the use of DNA transfer mutagen technology to modify humans in a regeneration tank. Employment by a corporation is usually for life; you give it your all and then retire to a corporate rest home and live on your pension and savings. There is currently a social movement called Agorism. Agorists believe they believe that the corporate structure actually violates the spirit of true "free enterprise." Many Agorists agitate for reform, while others go underground, forming enclaves that resemble hidden shopping malls. The PCs are the "dropouts" of society, who don't work for any corporation. By default, they often end up working for Agorist enclaves, either taking one as a Patron or freelancing. Direct confrontation with corporate forces is a bad idea, though; the PCs are way outclassed in the power department. That leaves stealth and guile. But they also have an edge. What most Employees don't know, and the Executive Boards won't tell them, is that ritual magic works. The beings that answer the call like to deal with individuals; they don't understand the concept of limited liability. When you deal in magic, you pay the full price of what you summon. One way or another. It's thanks to their rituals that the Agorist enclaves are able to stay hidden, but the corps definitely know that *something's* going on. When it rains fish, when an arcology's tap water smells of asparagus, when birds start meowing and cats start mooing, the Supernatural Strike Teams come out hunting. And you can't use ritual magic against them, it takes too long. Lucky you enchanted that palmtop into a magic weapon. Now if only every magic item in existence didn't have "quirks," you'd be sitting pretty...
2001-12-08 00:00:00 Anonymous Espionage Silly/Gothic Surge
On this variant Earth humanity, and to a lesser extent the more intelligent mammals, all have psionic power. Training, stong emotions, and certain mechanisms can all enhance these abilities into a surge of power. Such surges are very taxing on indivuduals however. Societies have evolved a strict hierarchy of responsibilities based on psionic strength. Most telekinetics for example serve as part of military forces. The most powerful, when the surge, can level castles. Some animals also exhibit psionic powers. Chimps for example sometimes exhibit teleportation abilities when frightened. When provoked elephants have been known to unleash powerful mental blasts.
2001-12-06 00:00:00 Matt Quirk Espionage Realistic Cosmic Mind Wars
Centuries ago, the Great Families of the Interstellar Conglomerate developed a serum which granted incredible mental powers, but at a terrible cost. The serum gave the user the sensation of being 'plugged in to the universe' and was psychologically addictive. The more serum used, the more powerful the psychic became... The carefully guarded secret behind the serum was that it was distilled from the brain fluids of a single group of people - A group of people who through both genetics and training had harnessed arcane arts. People with this genetic predisposition were secretly rounded up and for the past hundred years they have been bred like cattle, slaughtered before they fully developed their powers, and used to fuel the super psychics that help the Great Families maintain their control. Only a few of these mages are still free. They and their allies (i.e. the Player Characters) are working behind the scenes to expose the horrors which lie behind the gleaming facade of the Interstellar Conglomerate.
2001-12-03 00:00:00 Carl Cramér Exploration/Friends & Family Melodramatic World Zeppelin Amadeus
Players are a part of the Amadeus tribe. This tribe discovered psionics a generation ago, but splintered and went out to the world to rule as gods, in competition with the 'real' spirit-gods. Now, a genious among the remaining tribesmen has built a huge zeppelin. The PCs travel the world on this zeppelin, searching out members of their old tribe and trying to unite the old Amadeus tribe, based on a vision given by the divine founder of the tribe, Amadeus himself. Amadeus still occassionally appears and gives new information (about once per session, as an adventure hook). His final plan for the Amadeus tribe involves saving the world from a danger too great to contemplate, but he has only hinted at this yet. And, yes, did I mention that the theme music is all Mozart?
2001-12-03 00:00:00 Matt Quirk Politics Survival Star Clans
The intergalactic empire is no more... The billions of beings who were part of the high-tech elite have passed beyond the physical realm and entered a world of pure thought and energy. Of course, not everybody wanted to go... And some who wanted to go, couldn't afford it. With the elite gone, the empire has collapsed. Now, with nobody 'in charge' of the galaxy, secret societies and ancient clans of mystics are emerging from the shadows. Many of them wield strange powers or have access to Elite technology. Can the PC's use their powers to forge a new government from these factions, or will the universe degenerate into violent Anarchy? Picture a cross between Babylon 5's Techomages and the insipid 'Left Behind' series...
2001-12-02 00:00:00 David A. Spitzley War Gothic Post-Goth Gothic
The Roman Empire was but a memory, the waves of barbarians had done their damage, and society was settling in for a long decay. And then came a man named Charlemagne. A great warrior and a great king, none had seen his like since the time of Alexander the Great. Until, of course, the others appeared to follow in Charlemagne's footsteps. Over three generations, men and women of unprecedented capacities have arisen throught Europe, each posessed of might, will or faith beyond the imaginings of any but the storytellers. They are now known as the Great Ones. Some work to spread the word of the Church, some fight to reclaim lost kingdoms, and some work to better the lot of the peasantry, but far too often they merely use their powers to satisfy their own desires. The PCs are young Great Ones, who are now faced with the choice of how to use the capacities God has granted them: whether to fight to reweave the remnants of the Roman Empire, or to feed their desires on its bones.
2001-11-29 00:00:00 David A. Spitzley Friends & Family Realistic Victoria's Bequest
The British Empire lies in ruins, and has taken the rest of the world with it. At the end of the Victorian Age, revolts aided by indigenous shamans and priests threatened British domination of her colonies. Soon the Empire was being aided by the secretive occult practices of the Theosophists and the Golden Dawn, plunging the world into a magical war of a scope unknown in human history. Unfortunately, the powers called forth by both sides exceeded humanity's ability to control. A magical backlash swept across the world, destroying most of the world's population. The player characters are among the "lucky" survivors of this global arcane cataclysm. With the world in ruins, the characters have little choice but to look for other survivors, hopefully creating a new society from the rubble of London, hopefully finding an occasional friend or relative amidst the wreckage. The characters may also attempt to master the powers which lead to man's downfall, possibly using them to in some way undo the damage done by the war.