Fractal Farm Help - Color Modes

There are several different "Color Modes" in the Fractal Farm. Each one is a different way of assigning colors to fractals:
  1. B&W: A white fractal on a black background; this disregards all color values in the fractal, both the IFS background color and the Transform colors. It is useful for getting a complete sense of the shape of the attractor, and is a bit faster overall.
  2. Transform: Each time a Transform is applied to generate a point, the point receives that Transform's color. This is an extremely useful mode for determining how the fractal's self-similarity is structured.
  3. Blend: Similar to Transform, but the color of each point is a blend of the previous color and the current Transform's color, with the current Transform receiving more weight the shorter the distance between the previous and current pixels. This tends to produce a nice, organic blend of colors, and can be useful for achieving natural looking forms. If you are trying to engineer a specific effect with Blend, it may be useful to use the Transform mode first to make sure that the self-similarity of the IFS will actually allow the type of color scheme you are shooting for.
  4. Density: Each pixel starts out black and changes color slightly every time a point falls on it, moving from black to blue to green to yellow to white.