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I have been a gamer for going on fifteen years. Over the last few years, I've put together a few ideas and tools for different games which you might find of interest:

Setting Generator Looking for a new campaign idea? Or perhaps you need somemplace novel to drop your little band of dimensional travelers. Well look no further: try my Setting Generator (pat. pend.) for inspiration in creating something new, and share it with everyone.
Lords of Chaos Looking for something new to do with all your Collectible Card Games? How about play them all at once? Take a look at these rules for Ultimate Chaos, the game where every player plays a different CCG.
Arcane Knowledges for Champions/HERO An article I got published in the Haymaker API on creating magic systems for Champions
Button Men for MS Access 2000 This is just a cheesy little MS Access 2000 database I put together a while back to let me practice playing Cheapass Games' Button Men. No artwork, no instructions, no reason to sue me (I hope). You'll need to download this file
Miscellaneous Shadows I put these Shadows together as a player contribution for an Amber campaign a few years back