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I haven't been doing much around here recently, largely because I've been running into trouble getting data I've been pursuing.

  • I contacted Kwame Kilpatrick's office to get a copy of the stimulus package writeup, but I was never able to get anything from them, and my contacts didn't pan out, either.
  • I've investigated the Gross Municipal Product work that's going on, and currently there's more talk than action, with not much to show datawise. More to the point, it appears that what work is going on is based on MSAs, which as I've found previously cover the entirety of Wayne County.
  • I've been trying to get the full historical datasets for Comerica's Detroit and Michigan Commercial Activity Indexes, but I've had no luck getting through to Dana Johnson, the researcher who produces the indexes. I can potentially reconstruct the datasets by checking the monthly releases, but they only appear to go back to 2006, while the dataset goes back to 1999 or so.

All of this is on top of my site being down for about 6 weeks starting in mid-April. Needless to say I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm hopeful to shake loose some more useful stuff. In the meantime, I'll be updating the Charts page with the most recent monthly data releases.

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TeacherPatti?21 September 2008, 13:25

Nice seeing you! I can't say I'm surprised that Kwame's office didn't give you the requested information. Maybe better luck with the new mayor??

You may also want to look at DPS and their issues. I teach for them, and while I love my job, the district has some...problems.