Modeling Minsky

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Since late 2006 I'd been seeing references to Hyman Minsky in periodic updates from the Levy Institute, and I'd gotten the impression of him as a somewhat heterodox economist focusing on financial crises. I'd been meaning to look into him for a while, particularly given current conditions, but now Paul Krugman has announced that he'll be presenting a lecture entitled "The Night They Reread Minsky" (a riff on the classic period comedy The Night The Raided Minsky's), and then Steve Keen posted a link to his 1995 effort to produce a mathematical model of Minsky's ideas(pdf). Suffice it to say I'm reading through it with great interest.

As an aside, it is remarkable the extent to which the internet is able to at least partially assuage the pangs of distress I feel for not having gotten a job in my field yet...

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