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I don't know if anybody else has read the Wayne State alumni magazine (honestly, I don't know if anybody reads it, full stop), but this issue had a cover story on the "midtown revival", and it has me a tad peeved. The narrative runs 10 pages with lots of photos, talking about all of the wonderful things going on in Midtown. So, let's see here, they mention Avalon Bakery (they'd almost have to)... and then midway through the article give a list of the other types of stores that have opened in the area, mentioning the name of nary a one. What they do mention in profusion is all of the anchor institutions, office buildings, and so forth which have been in place for decades, to which they grant the majority of the credit for the revival of the area.

Now, I really haven't heard much to suggest that the anchors have done much of anything in the last ten years to encourage the establishment of the businesses and refurbishment of the residential clusters in the area which are the heart of the revival, but I may have missed something (not that the article makes much of a case for their role to date). But putting that aside, the growth in businesses, restaurants and residential population is the story here, so the fact that they spent 10 pages focusing on photos of hospitals and talking about the stuff that will happen, may happen, should happen, but not what's actually happening, is kind of ridiculous.

A story about the Midtown revival is a great idea for the Wayne State alumni magazine, and I hope they actually publish one someday...

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